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  1. jadoo 007

    jadoo 007 New Member

    No online job promotions here.

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  2. rampage2020

    rampage2020 New Member

    Hi guyz dont get fooled by these guyz..they dont give a **** abt u after u have registered and they will change the rules and terms constantly and remove the amount u have earned by clicking ads without your attention from your account its a total scam.....
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  3. jadoo 007

    jadoo 007 New Member

    guess u r affected !!!

    dude, wat ur telling is true in most f d cases, bt i joined in this site on aug n earned 2300/- in 1st payout (nov) and nw again 2044/-(dec). i gues u r badly afected by som1 :p, without knwing abt a site, dnt put ur F***A**.
    i dint compel any1, if u wanna earn, try ur luck with trust.
  4. jagbani

    jagbani New Member

    i think it depends on luck a lot,... some people use fraud sites and trust on them... but some are good one.. so before joining any online job site please read reviews regarding that

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