girl-guitar problem plz help!

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  1. cheesy_chester

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    welh i hv a big problem
    two upcoming birthday of my friends n i hv decided to dedicate HAPPY BIRTHDAY lead on guitar 4 dem bt m unable to play deir names on it i am playing d lead on B-string
    ok d 1st name is- Tripti n d other name is Srishti
    Plz! guys plz help me
  2. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    Funny, I know two girls by that name myself :-?
    Okay, here, Ultrabot to the rescue.
    Hope you get to lay both at the end of it :p:

    Edit - DON'T TAKE THE FINGERINGS LITERALLY (it's auto generated from Guitar Pro). Use your head, work out your own fingerings, I've given you the notes and the rhythm ('how to play them'). If you don't know how to read standard notation...tough luck, Google for some lessons ^^

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