Gibson's new "revolution"

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by ultrabot90, Oct 30, 2010.

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    Why are onboard effects or wireless a "revolution"? I asked my local guitar guru and in his opinion they are already available ( and ) if you want to mod your guitar... The robot tuners are old news (Gibson Robot Les Paul\Dark Fire)...

    IMHO hardly a revolution, just a normal product-ish thing... Too much overhyping going on here. Maybe flood can shed some light on why it is revolutionary...
  3. thehundredthone

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    It's an ugly, useless piece of crap. Limited edition, proprietary battery, bad controllers. The Cort Effector existed long before this revolution.

    Even flood would be hard pressed to sell me on this abomination.
  4. flood

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    anyway, that second video was craptastic. to the guitar itself: built-in effects have been around since the 70s, from boosters to the shergold modular effect bay guitars to onboard fuzz, to compressors in the ric basses; of late, matt bellamy's fuzz factory/kaoss pad equipped guitars come to mind. nothing new and really speaking not of much use to most people. i bought a kaoss pad mini so i could stick it onto my guitar and do the whole matt thing - guess what, i suck at it. anyway, effects in guitar - not novel and not really as useful as one would think.

    robot system? gibson released it almost 5 years ago, IIRC.

    integrating a wireless system.... dunno how good or bad that is. seems a bit useless to me.

    the proprietary battery is truly the suck though.

    lastly, i don't like the shape or colour - fugly. the explorer and firebird shapes never grew on me. the only shape i'll tolerate is the thunderbird cause it sounds so bloody awesome.

    gibson does pretty screwy things from time to time. the MAGIC ethernet-out guitar never took off. this thing is probably headed the same way. anyone remember the ferociously stupid reverse V? or that duck-like guitar they released in the late 70s?

    on paper, this looks like a great idea - need to ask a LOT of other questions though - you need a shitload of cavity space - how much wood is actually left in the body? XLR out on guitar - awesome BUT - why would anyone use a COMBINED 1/4"+XLR out jack instead of doing it rite and giving each output a separate jack and circuit, like wal basses have? the effect controls on the upper horn - doesn't really sit well either - i guess this is aimed for people who will set-and-forget, not tweak on the fly.

    so yeah, not convinced and not for the price. gimme a 59 LP any day.
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    firebirds are considered the cadillac of guitars.

    but this particular model seems to be missing the standard firebird features : the neck thru construction, the firebird headstock, the 'banjo' tuners.

    also maple fretboard (and neck)?!!!

    in the usa, i used to occassionally visit pawn shops dreaming that i would stumble on an ancient firebird that i could 'put back' together. but sadly ... :)
  6. flood

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    ...i thought that was the jaguar?

    oh well, maybe the jag was the pontiac :p
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  8. nandac

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    hardly. if fender wanted to stake claim, then it would be the older/bigger brother of the jag - the jazzmaster.

    the firebird's reference to the caddy apart from its cost, is probably due to it being quite a large/big instrument.

    but it is true that the firebird with its offset design appeared after the jazzmaster. so it was probably gibsons response to fender.

    but it is also to be noted that there is a reverse firebird model as well which pretty much has the firebird body upside down.
  9. flood

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    i'm generally not one for offset guitars, but i have to say that a jazzmaster or jag is on my purchase list over the next few years. next year, it's strat time though.

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