gb&a acoustic - opinions?

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by niraj_ranjan, Aug 7, 2006.

  1. niraj_ranjan

    niraj_ranjan New Member

    Hi guys,
    Have been playing for two years now.. and prefer acousic. Currently, struggling with Indian Ocean leads, Simon and Garfunkel finger-picking.. et al.

    Have just upgraded to a gb&a acoustic from my Hobner. The gb&a is a cut away one, with a fibre tob, and has an active pick-up for controlling bass, treble, and mid-frequencies. It dooes not have a jumbo built.. is quite a thin guitar. But has an incredibly good tone and loudness for such construction. Maybe due to the material of the fibre top. Got this for 8.5k from Delhi.

    I chose this over some yamaha and some Chinese made models because I found the sound of this one to be very "crisp". I am not a fan of loud ringing very "reverby" sound that comes mainly out of the guitar box. This guitar did not have that. And it sounds very good with the pick-up.

    Has anyone used gb&a guitars in this range or with such construction? What is your feedback?

  2. bhaskie

    bhaskie New Member

    hi niraj,

    since you are from delhi, can you tell me where you got this guitar from? bhargava (darya ganj) or bharat (ljpt ngr) maybe? also which model is this one? is it the one with the belcat pickup? i have played a similar one and i think it's an excellent piece, though it should have been cheaper, say around 6000.

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