Garaj Baras Sawan Phir Ayoo (CHORDS)

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  1. Salil Charaya

    Salil Charaya Banned

    Em Am
    Garaj baras sawan phir ayoo
    Em Am
    Garaj baras sawan phir ayoo


    Bm Am
    Dekho kaise anjane rastoon pe barsee ghata aaaa
    Bm Am
    Aoo leleen mutwali mustani rutt ka maza aaa


    Am G D
    Aaa aa bhi ja meri jaan aa bhi jaa
    Am G D
    Chahe tu zeher de ya jeene ki dua
    Am G D
    Kaisa ye nata hai sansoon se sansoon ka
    Am G D Am
    Sun tu lee de sada bheegi bheegi faza aaaaa
  2. Hardik

    Hardik .:.:.:BoRn TaLenT:.:.:.

  3. Aka Oz

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    copy pastrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  4. notty_lad

    notty_lad sudo undress

    @salil .. i had warned u earlier also .. not to copy paste work .. before this i had caught u copy pastin koolstrum's chords ..

    "Ur name shouldn't be Salil Charaya .. but Salil CHURAYA!!!"

    Mods plz for godz sake analyse this guy ..
  5. kl12

    kl12 (Ghost Note)

    well wht so much BIG if he copy pasted the stuff??...whn i joined IGT i also used to get too much FURIOUS and irritated by seeing sum 1 copy pastin others work..but well then what??

    ofcourse these tabs are certainly not copyrighted by any means... i mean, saying this that these tabs are mine and copy pastin is STRICTLY prohibited, will really stop sum1 frm copypastin the stuff ???? definitely what???i think we are all here to share !! so share...
    ofcourse copypastin is bad but not is a sense that the copy paster has been found guitly bcoz of doing this or he/she had done sumthin really BAD...its bad coz its useless to post more and more threads of same kind..
    and secondly copypastin sumones tab dont do any thing bad to original author i thnk..ofcourse it hurts but so what yaar??JUST SHARE..well all know how much talented one is in posting good chords..
  6. notty_lad

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    kl12 .. i think ur a big copy paster urself .. anyway .. itz bad coz he is takin all da credit for someone elses work .. got dat .. n juz increasing da no. of threads .. n hey .. we're here to share .. n sharing doesn't mean posting same thing again n again .. if u don't understand this simple language tell me .. i'l have to drop in ur inbox wid some "GOOD" advices for u ..
  7. knight_guitar

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    @ salil, i never knew.. beside me.. u copy others work as well, fellas u can check.. he copied my work of "sar kiye yeh pahar" as well, salil sudhar jaa .. aur kuch khud bhi kar le , instead of copying and pasting other works.. !!
  8. Hardik

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    ^^my dear kl12...we dont like copy pasting coz it makes whole forum go it is know ,it make me really sad...this forum has lost its aura....there was a time when we had IGTians like jayswami,subhro,souman das,banbaaja,..and such gr8 IGTians posting real genuine and b-e-a-utiful chords and tabs...(though bandbaaja is still here,but not that active..).....the ambience was such that we even had ehsaan (yes ehsaan of trio shankar-ehsaan-loy) one of our members...that was when IGT was at its peak....but now seeing the condition of the hindi and pak forums(pak forums have improved after rizaaj and shahrukh became mods)..i dont much feel like going thru them...and now replies like yours,i havent much hope left....i will say no whatever you want....
  9. kl12

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    ok ok ........
    what u can REALLY do to stop copy pasting??.........

    if copy pastin problems you coz the disk space of the forum gets populated :p!!!then true...
    but what u can do abt this???
    also if copy pasting problems u coz this violates the discp rules of forums then true again....but again what u can actually do!!! theres already a sticky thread abt the instructions before posting a new thread...but no one bothers to read them!!!

    if copy pastin irritates u coz the orginal author is not getting the credit ..well this is somethin controversial...i myself beleive tht the tabs or chords posted here doesn't specifically belong to someone...i have seen everywhere on net same and ditto chords,tabs posted on different sites but wid different author one complains..coz no one really cares who the author is...
    and one thing more have u ever noticed that u r basically just spamming whn u say dont copy paste and blah one cares yaar..really...for example this guy "salil " is being copy pastin since his/her first thread and every one is condeming him/her frm the begining but does that really stop him!!!???? No .surely not...

    so just dont reply to the chords u've seen before...simple..dont populate these kind of threads even by replying them...u cant stop them !!! i bet u...
  10. Hardik

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    i am tired of arguing...but... :RollLol: :RollLol: :RollLol:

    also...i agree with

    but for the bet thing....i surely could have done that if i was a mod.... :p:
  11. scorpio_bharat

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    i think salil needs some :aggre:
  12. Hardik

    Hardik .:.:.:BoRn TaLenT:.:.:.

    ^^are baba....why is everyone getting mad everywhere....just ignore such ppl....dont you understand that they want us to get irritated...they are ppl with "acute inferiority complex"...and are out with their schoziphrenic attitudes to take when we get mad,they get best way is to just IGNORE....let MODS solve the problem...:beer:
  13. vineeyes

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    hi some one tell me how i can post my tab on this foram

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