Fuad Nitol Paye by DaRkStArTiTo

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  1. darkstartito

    darkstartito New Member

    Fuad Nitol Paye Chord by DaRkStArTiTo

    Hello everyone!
    This is Darkstartito. Trying to come in the scene for a while now.
    Hopefully one day!
    Anyway guys I was trying to figure out the chord for "Nitol Paye" by Fuad.
    If you guys want to see it then its here.......

    http://www.myspace.com/darkstartito as a youtube video.

    Please lemme know what you guys think about it.
    Then I will post the whole video.

    Thanks guys.
    Keep appearing
  2. skywriter

    skywriter cHiLdReN oF bODOm

    well the main song goes like this..
    A F#m
    A F#m
    A E F#m A.
    i havent heard the fuad remix very well..i heard there r 3 remix versionz & it has also the song "tumi asechele porshu" mixed within it.i think u'll find the remix within these chords...see if it works!
  3. big_boss

    big_boss New Member

    Need Chord With Lyrics

    Dear Skywriter
    Plz Give Chord With Lyrics

    From Fuads New Album Bonno
  4. darkstartito

    darkstartito New Member

    This song is From Bonno

    Its a crappy album I suppose compare to variation 25. I think the only song I liked was "Nitol Paye" unplugged. The singer is poor Shanto who can't really sing in high scales .That's why another guy Johan sings the higher parts like "Bajeeeeeeee" & "Nacheeeeeey". When shanto tried to sing that part and that distuned big time.Sounds really funny. But, I still love this song.

    You can download the whole album from "www.tonmoybd.com"
  5. skywriter

    skywriter cHiLdReN oF bODOm

    well i'm not very good at remembering lyrix..i heard the remix yesrerday....really crappy with all those fake live stuntz..i guess the song iz frm D#...i can give u d chordz ..u gotta check with the lyrix..coz i dont remembr them now..here goes nothing..
    D# Cm G# A#
    D# Cm G# A#
    G# A#
    G# A#
    D# Cm
    ..itz up2 the 1st nitol paye part..as i dont hav the song i dont rmbr the rest..but pretty sure though..they r among these chordz..just check it out urself.

    B.T.W. apart 4 the live partz guitar playing waz awesome ..gotta agree

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