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    I recently bought a new guitar, so I'm looking to sell my old baby.

    The guitar is a Jackson KE3 Kelly copy made by the custom guitar shop, Tansen. Its a 24 fret solid body with licensed floyd-rose. I got it 2nd hand for 9k, when the guitarist of Phenom(bangalore) decided to pick up drums, about 2.5 years back. So its almost 4-5 years old. I upgraded it later on and put in EMG 81/85s :rock: to replace to old pickups.

    I've attached 2 with the customary name on a paper with date photos taken about 5 mins back. More high res pics here:

    The price I'm looking for it is 16k, negotiable. Guitar value is 19500. I bought the guitar for 9000 and the pickups were for 10500(the emg 81/85).

    I would rate it as follows:
    Sound - 10/10
    Neck - 9/10
    Condition - 8/10

    This guitar sounds amazing. I have a Korg AX1500g, which is a pretty good processor. Earlier I used to use it to play because the pickups weren't too great. But after putting the new pick ups and hearing how good it makes a Marshall MG 15 DFX sound, its been about 2 years since I touched the processor. It really brings out the guitars sound and makes the amp scream.

    Reason I'm selling it because I'm not a lead guitarist type. I'm more of a hobbyist rhythm guitarist. 6 years and I can't solo for nuts. The floyd-rose is wasted on me. Rather have it in the hands of someone who can use it well. I recently got my self a simple fixed bridge guitar.

    It will come along with a strap, its guitar bag and its whammy bar. I'll throw in a new set of D'Addarios' strings for the buyer.

    Guitar's in Pune, but can be couriered wherever you want it.

    Email: karansheth@gmail.com
    Telephone: +91 9011084277


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    Tats a beauty.! \m/

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