From Darkness, to Light

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    The candle's lit inside the darkened mind,
    And brightness cast aglow.
    Right upon the face of the scattered earth,
    the winds of change blow.

    To whine it may, to struggle it not;
    and fill the rains in a sorrow'd draught.
    To see the world, and learn to fight,
    He made it dark, but spread the light.

    It takes a pain to find a piill,
    and costs a thirst to buy a swig.
    Gales and storms, and homes they kill,
    But a nestled bird needs all a twig.

    So open the doors, to a mind deprived,
    wind on the face, and learn to drive.
    Trifle states to cry too often,
    dark and light are the shades of life.

    We learn to lose a million ways,
    We learn to win but one;
    Not the world's very far away;
    My hands will reach the sun.

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