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Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by shredthisway, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. shredthisway

    shredthisway New Member

  2. MrSnuts

    MrSnuts New Member

    hey shred, sounds nice to me!
    If you like sharing stuff like that, check out my BT & Remix project at! I'd be hapy to have a solid shredder like you onboard there ;-)
    Rock on!
  3. shredthisway

    shredthisway New Member

    Thanks mr snuts ... I checked out your site. . really cool concepts .. registered there I'll try and put some tracks over there later ...

    If you would like to contribute any jam tracks to shredthisway please let me know .. I'll put it up on the site with due credits ofcourse ..

    Glad you're liking the site ..
  4. MrSnuts

    MrSnuts New Member

    to be hnest, I ikes what I heard, but the visual concept could need some reworking... the way it look now look like its about to turn into something commercial really soon, so give that some attention. I'll be lookin forward to hearin more of you stuff, well done (obviously, you understood what is needed for usable backings... not too much, not too heavy to follow)
  5. shredthisway

    shredthisway New Member

    Do you mean the visuals of the site or the video .... If you meant the video .. , et's pretty simple .. just an image of the site to build up some brand value lateron. ..
    as for the site. .. If not entirely every guitar site/blog is commercial in one way or another, including IGT .. Shredthisway currently has sponsors from Line 6 , and lick library .. which means absolutely no money for me .. the only thing i get in return of maintaining the site is freebies and free memberships in sites and also get to listen to some really good music .. which is more than what a guitar player could ask
  6. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    You have created those tracks, or is this a collection?
  7. shredthisway

    shredthisway New Member

    Yup it's all created by me .. I do take some help from friends for a few tracks ... keep ckecking the site .. I'm putting up a few more RnB tracks in a couple of days

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