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    heres a list of the best places to eat if ur in mumbai..... :cool: :cool:

    Seafood (Indian)

    Gazalee - MIDC Andheri (E) and Vile Parle(E) - moderately priced - very good food - fish and crabs

    Saaybaa - outside Bandra Stn. (W) - very cheep and very decent place - limited seating - avoid rush hour

    Mahesh lunch home - Fort - off the Citibank lane on DN Road - probably the most popular seafood - expensive nowadays

    Apoorva lunch home - Fort - near Mahesh - off the lane opposite to Mahesh - cheaper and equally good

    Excellensea/Bharat lunch home - newar RBI building - the biggest prawn I have ever eaten - very good food

    Priya Lunch Home - Right opp. Vikhroli Station - cheap and good

    Malvan Samudra - Outside Vikhroli station (W)

    Sion Lunch Home - near Sion station - Speciality: Mangalorian food

    Fountain Plaza - near Fountain - off DN Road, the street that goes left at Eastern Watch. Inexpensive and great fish

    Maharaja - near chakala - good choice of crabs

    Highway Gomantak - under the flyover of Bandra (E) - moderately cheap and great food


    Cafe Royal - opposite Regal - very costly - the best juiciest steaks in town in my opinion

    Kobe sizzlers - Sakinaka, Andheri Stn (W), and Girgaon Chowpatty - slightly costly - nice steaks in the form of sizzlers

    Alps - behind Regal and Bade Miyan - very cheap - decent steaks with beer - smoky place

    Rodas Parabola - Hiranandani Powai - expensive - the midnight menu has excellent steak

    Yoko sizzlers - Lokhandwala, Khar - I have had diametrically opposite experiences here - so take a shot

    Midnight Buffets

    Le Royal Meridien - Intl. Airport - 325 per head all days - as good as you expect a midnight buffet to be - good salads and deserts - ok main course food - 12 to 3 - but 12 to 2 on monday

    Rodas Parabola coffee shop - Hiranandani Powai - 225 per head on weekends and 199 per head on weekdays - again good salads and deserts - deserts get over - not on mondays

    Renaissance - Powai - haven't been there - only weekends - 350/400 per head

    Lotus Suites - they have stopped their midnight buffets

    Leela, Marriot, Oberoi, Taj - when last called upon, they didn't have midnight buffets

    Intercontinental, The Grand - Intl. airport - 350 per person - weekends only
    Best midnight buffets - outside railway stations all over Bombay :)

    24-hour coffee shops

    Oberoi - now called Hilton - Nariman Point - very good lounge with a sea view - though you can't see at night - have bottomless coffees for about 80! :)

    President - Cuffee Parade - Also Library Bar with live music but closes at about 1 am.
    Rodas - Hiranandani Powai - midnight buffet available here

    Leela - Intl. Airport - Good lounge for coffee - the bar behind the lounge closes at 2 last I know

    Hyatt Ragancy - Itnl. Airport - Great glassy lounge - standard coffees/smoothies available

    Grand Maratha Sheraton - Intl. Airport - excellent coffee shop and ambience - great food

    Basically most 3-4 star and all 5 star hotels have some kind of food and drink available throughout the night

    South Indian food

    Mysore Cafe, Madras Cafe and Anand Bhavan - all located bang on King's Circle (70/head)

    A. Rama Nayak's Lunch House - right outside the Matunga station platform south side

    Amba Bhavan Coffee Club - King's Circle

    Sharada Bhuvan - Opposite the Matunga Station Main Ticket Window on the East.

    Mani's Lunch Home - Matunga Gymkhana

    Ram Ashraya - Kabutarkhana, Matunga(C.R), on the junction of Napoo Rd and Bhandarkar Road.

    Udipi - Matunga Station

    Woodland - Mulund Cheknaka

    Kamat's - Chembur naka part of a narion-wide chain

    Dosa Diner, everywhere (120/head).. Try the Non-Veg thaali if you happen to be non-veg

    Marathi food

    Prakash - Next to Shiv Sena Bhavan, towards Portuguese Church, serves an excellent Misal.

    Aaswad - Near Shiv Sena Bhavan, towards Mahim. Used to be like Prakash, but now they serve Punjabi, Southie dishes too.

    Trupti - Opposite Plaza Cinema (in the same building that was destroyed in the 1993 bomb blasts). Aaswad above is owned by it's ex-Manager.

    Panshikar's - Opposite Dadar Stn(W), again for traditional Maharashtrian grub.

    Madhura - Between Plaza and Shiv Sena Bhavan(N.C Kelkar Rd), similar to Prakash.

    Dattatraya - same row as Prakash aobve in Dadar

    Misc Indian treats

    Gujju thali @ 100 - Hotel Maharana - Chembur Naka

    Rajasthani/Gujarati thali - Royal Challenge II - Thane (W) near Teen Haath Naka

    Treat places - for collegians

    Potpourri (continental) & Kabab Corner in Bandra
    Olive (Meditteranean) in Bandra

    Orchid Hotel (continental) Late Night Buffet in Vile Parle

    Yoko Sizzlers & Dynasty in Santa Cruz

    Pop Tate's (Italian) in Versova

    Sanuk Thai in Bandra

    Tamnak Thai in Shivaji Park

    Sidewok in Nariman Point

    Kobe Sizzlers (Andheri West, Bandra, Opera House)

    San Marzano (Italian) near Churchgate

    Little Italy (pure veg Italian, Tiramisu highyl recommended) in Juhu

    Please note that in each of the above, damage per head > Rs 250 (excluding beverages).
    5 Spice - authentic chinese - opposite RBI headqarters, walk from VT - Highly recommended - everything on the menu - Desserts (incl. Death by chocolate) - quite cheap without compromising authenticity, presentation or quality. Daaru available.

    Mama Mia's Fast Food at Opera House - excellent selection of subs, pizzas, pastas at very reasonable prices - avoid desi chinese here - no daaru, no a/c.

    Sassanian Boulangerie - opposite Metro Cinema/Masjid roundabout - clean place, excellent non-veg, parsi-Irani and good european/continental, chinese, italian food - serves sizzlers - quite cheap - has a bakery too - no daaru (unless you klnow the owner and bring your own).

    The '80s Place - start of Linking road Bandra station side - excellent veg buffet joint Rs 80. - the pub nearby by the same name is a money-sink
    Mama Mia ( - Opera House - American, Italian, Mexican (Pizzas, Subs and Fast food) - moderately cheap - good veg variety
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    thats some cool stuff by u dude........reps & 200 pts 2 u man..
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    cypher , you rock man , amazin info there ...

    really awesome , you made my day !!! i v taken a print out of your post , thanks ...

    donating some points to you and some reps ;)
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    btw can you give some info on some of the bars / pubs / joints too :think:
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    ill pm u as soon as i get any...
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    Hey dude..Cypher..
    Great Work man...
    YOu forgot a few places tho..will add em later..
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    whet to a lounge .... Ending Quest .... amazing place....
    Thakur Complex - Kandivali
    220 bucks for a pitcher....
    & during happy hrs ... u get a pitcher free on another one :beer: :beer:
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    look no further...... the ready refrence compendium of hogging in mumbai is here !!

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