Finger stretch using ring and little fingers for a distance over two frets

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by Quadrophenia, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. Quadrophenia

    Quadrophenia New Member

    alright guys..thanx for the amazing help uve already given me..with my theory and stuff..
    but ive got a different type of question now.
    ive been practising scales..
    and been using ring and little fingers for a distance over two frets..
    i'm trying to build speed..

    but it hurts alot after some time.. while playing these scales. whats the best method to build strength and control?..

    stop and then continue.. when i feel its beggining to hurt..

    shud i continue playing until i cant play anymore?

    or shud i do some other there any other excersise that will build my fingers strength!!

    thanx. :dance:
  2. ananth222

    ananth222 Beginner

    practising guitar is a lot like working out. If you start pumping weights without warming up you are going to get cramped sooner or later.
    first just massage and stratch ur fingers to get them warmed up.
    then do some "stretching" excercises on the guitar to stretch ur left hand fingers before you start shredding the scales. Try this workout:
  3. Quadrophenia

    Quadrophenia New Member

    thanx man...
  4. dharmatma

    dharmatma Banned

    if ur fingers hurt..stop.

    basically kepp doing the exercises and keep lookin for new combinations which will test ur skill.
    strength,speed,stamina will build over time.
    keep workin with the metronome.

  5. ronnieanand

    ronnieanand n00bier th@n th0u

    Begin with playing slowly. Play slowly till your fingers gain a lot of confidence with the pattern you are playing. This is also like a warm up in addition to the stretches you'd do before playing. I mean play it real slow for a few minutes. Then you start off playing it fast with the Metronome. If your fingers or wrist or elbow or shoulders hurt, it means some of your muscles are getting strained. There's no point straining it more. Straining it more will only hurt more and might even end up causing damage. Some damages are pretty sad. Vito Bratta of White Lion who was once considered as the second Eddie Van Halen fell victim to such injuries and had to quit playing professional guitar for ever. He runs a small web design company now. You dont want that to happen to you right ?? Play only what's comfortable and slightly push it to and above the limits by a very tiny amount everyday. That should help you achieve speed over a period of time.
  6. annand

    annand the pessimist

    i actually like when my fingers begin to hurt - i crave for it to hurt. that's when i push it even harder. i know when it hurts it's going to get stronger, so i push it a little more.

    just something i do: say i'm practicing the excercises ananth222 provided a link to, i'll play them until my fingers starts hurting, but i won't stop just then, i'll push it a little more until i can't bare the pain, then i'll stop, but only for about 2 to three seconds (the pain passes immediately) and then i continue. i usually repeat that a few times then move on to something else.
  7. amit82cse

    amit82cse Silent observeR

    I do not agree from stopping practice if your fingure hurt. If you do so you will not be able to give power to your little fingure. You should build Streching and Hammering from little fingure, It will pain initially but as you practice more, your fingure will get adjusted to your rythem. Even sometime sliding from little fingure may cut so be careful. You have to first make your fingures top little hard for that just keep playing slowly your tips will become hard and then you can take on sliding from little fingure as well.

    Actually you are see that different in tip's hardness of your left hand and right hand.

    So keep practicing...streching...sliding and hammering with fingure tips. Of your complete hand pain then it shows lack of stamina in your fingures. So take some rest but constantly increase your practice time.
  8. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    naww..i dont think it would be right to do this injustice to ur own pushing still harder if it hurts..u must give it some rest and then begin again..neither u shud give up..nor u shall hurt it more n more..thinking it will get more strong and all!! this gets u nowhere :)

  9. death angel

    death angel the messenger from hell

    AREY! just keep practicing. Your skin will get seasoned (the skin'll get hard).
    Gimme reps PLZ
  10. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    oh..ur a life saver angel...u sure as hell need reps...hehe


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