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    This is a good lessons specially for a beginner
    I learned these exercises when I first started playing guitar, and still use them to keep my fingers strong and fast. If you are a beginner, your fingers will probably start burning after a couple of minutes of this, DON'T over do it, and remember always practice with a metronome.
    Let's start with the 4 finger spider. I find this to be easier because your left hand stays in the same position throughout the process.

    Play the first note with your pinky finger on the 10th fret of the third string.
    Second note will be played with your middle finger on the 8th fret of the first string.

    Third note will be ring finger on the 9th frett third string.
    Fourth note is index finger on the 7th frett first string.
    Fifth note is middle finger on the 8th fret third string.
    Sixth note is pinky on the 10 frett FIRST string.
    Seventh note is index finger on the 7th fret on the third string.
    And lastly, the eighth note is the ring finger on the 9th frett First string. Then start the process all over again
    :shock: I know ... I know, this sounds horrible, but remember, this is purely an exercise for finger independence. If you look closely, basically what is happening is a 4-3-2-1 decending pattern on string 3 and another decending 4-3-2-1 pattern on string 1.

    Now that you have the left hand down, don't ignore the right. Pracitce the sequence with an upstroke on string one/downstroke on string 3 (outside-to-outside) pattern, and an upstroke on string 3/downstroke on string 1 (inside-to-inside) pattern.

    The great thing about this exercise is that it can benefit the beginner and the super-advance guitarist. Once you have mastered the 1st string 3rd string senario, try it on string 1 & 4, then 1 & 5 etc etc. Once you have it down in on frets 7-10 try frets 5-8 and then 3-7. Makes a big difference huh? :hitme:

    enjoy the ptactice, do it while watching tv talking to friends
    just practice practice practice practice and more practice and more practice
    :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:
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    well vikram, i am a keyboard player and also i want to learn guitars too, and i also perchased a Lead Guitar of Vestar Maniac but i don't know how to start playing guitar so please send me some lessons for bigeners my e-mail is [SNIP]... waiting for your prompt reply


    TC byee
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    Great stuff man! Good work. Reps...
  4. basit_jaaaani

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    MAD props to u yaar
    great work
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    Hey man if you feel that it's a good work could you give reps by clicking the star

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    Hi Tousif,

    I would suggest doing that fingre practice as in guiter it's very important that you use all fingers of you left hand specially the pink as many do not use the pinky finger. Also you could pickup a scale like C Major and practice that over the fret board let me see if I have some lesson or I will create one and post it but it would take few days.

    Thanks again if you have any question do email me [SNIP]

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    @ vikram

    y do u always post in wrong forum, man?? :annoyed:

    anyways...keep posting.reps
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    And thread is moved!
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    :sorry: sorry man I will check b4 posting posting that where I am posting :beer:
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    thnx for sending lessons

    hi vikram.i am a guitar player but still i dint understand the difference between tabs n chords. also tell me wht is notes.though i play many of songs on guitar, but leads ok? i also want some more tips on how to play chords i know all the chords but if i want to play Gmaj from c then ihave to stop and then to placethe fingers on the right pose anmd then i strum.give me some tips to speed up my playing
    pls do me this favor.
    i will bevery gratefull to u
    u can send me the private message or u can e-mail me on [SNIP]
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    hey andy only thing I can think of right now is just try changing chords at low pace or beats and when the picture of chords sets up in ur mind and fingre becomes strong increase the beats a lil bit to change it faster. I will try to look for some tricks and tips or lessons and mail it to you:beer:
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    guys, read the forum rules before posting.
    email addresses are not allowed.

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    hey guys..i have read the finger practice lessons in many of the threads i am telling you people that i am a beginner..playing guitar for 3 years now..nobody taught me a single thing...practice this spider exercise everyday till today...and you must have a look at my agility..

    I know the playing is messed upp..i took the video just for fun..but i tried to play fast...being a layman in guitar the spider practice exercise helped me a lot...i practiced it for 10-30 mins daily..but it helps....chromatic finger practice is the stick to it....
  14. Shredder12

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    i know it feels awesomely boring to play the finger exercise as told by the starter of the thread..but stcik to it...i am a very good example of it...with ears and dedication will do it...match the best in the game..just dont give up...its a request to you all..however good you play..stck to the i right??

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