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  1. ultrabot90

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    *insert the animation of the guy who's typing, typing, eventually his hands become bloody stumps, then his arms, and then he smashes his cartoon head into the monitor in a gory show of irritation, I can't find it on the net anywhere*

  2. flood

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    lol. you'tre asking for the impossible. stop hanging around here and go to other places.

    i'm just waiting to irk the admins enough to get banned from this shitfest. i mean, seriously - no image embedding, 1000 character limit on PMs, NO FUHCKING RIGHT CLICK - if this forum was even a bit more ghej, it would be called boy george.
  3. ultrabot90

    ultrabot90 Like fishes need bicycles

    Right click is easy to counter.
    Press F12, uncheck 'Enable JavaScript' (I wasn't telling this, because some sites are smart-assed enough to not let you access them till you enable JavaScript. This isn't one of them, but now it may become so.)

    No image embedding blows, though. Thank God for Freq20.

    About the mods of IGT -
    And this - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCbKv9yiLiQ&feature=related LOL!!!

    Where do the people with Roland Cubes/Marshall MGs come in? Cretaceous? -.-'
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  5. thehundredthone

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    Why do you think these threads will be successful on any Indian music forum? Either enjoy drooling at them on UG or post a pic of your own rack first.

    In other words, tits or GTFO.
  6. guitardoctor

    guitardoctor Will Rx for food

    Maybe the problem lies in the fact that people here get exposed to this kind of gear really late in their life?

    I didn't know there was something called an electric guitar for most of my life... And even then laboured under a million delusions before I actually got to know them.

    Kids abroad must grow up seeing these instruments lying around their house. They get familiar with them at an early age, start learning early etc... And grow up to need (and buy) better and better gear. The culture is skewed that way, we have our instruments, they have theirs... Indian music was not based on amplifiers and pedals and pickups... Is there a single guy here who had an electric guitar lying around the house when he grew up, belonging to his dad or something? Good luck finding more than one or two such people out of the thousands of people here.

    In my uncle's house, there is a massive rack of a different kind... That guy collects tablas and has a huge bunch of them. While growing up, I saw tablas, sitars, and harmoniums, not electric guitars.

    The biggest barrier in buying gear etc is still lack of knowledge and skill. I probably wouldn't buy a big huge rig unless I had enough knowledge to use it... That keeps me away from pro equipment for a while, still.

    PS: This the image you were looking for? http://tinyurl.com/34orb2r
  7. flood

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    dude, most guitarists do not have racks like these in india. hell, most indian guitar players can't afford that kind of gear. and there are a very small, very select few who even need that setup in the first place - how many do you know who tour nationally with full financial backing on a regular basis? for studio hacks, the studio usually has the equipment set up and ready to go - the guitarist may not even need a guitar if the studio has a couple lying around. we don't have an adrian belew or a david torn here, we don't have any iconic signature sounds as such.

    if you don't need it don't buy it. i learned that (or not!) the hard way. the more crap you have, the less you will exploit it fullly and the more time you have to spend managing it...
  8. ultrabot90

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    @flood - rofl animation! I think I might get an Anon mask and perform with it XD
  9. thehundredthone

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    Let me break down the post for you.

    "Why do you think these threads will be successful on any Indian music forum?"
    With this statement the poster is implying that a thread called "Post your <insert whatever gear here>!" will not have any posts of said gear because most Indian music forum members don't really own much gear. And the guitarists that do own gear are out there making music. This is equivalent to:
    "Either enjoy drooling at them on UG or post a pic of your own rack first."
    Here the poster is trying to say that unless you are just venting (for which this forum is a bad choice in the first place), there is really no point in asking others to post pictures of gear because the gear doesn't exist in the first place. However if you do have gear then put the pictures in the first post of the thread, that way at least you'll receive some compliments.

    "In other words, tits or GTFO."
    This section of the post serves two purposes. One, it re-iterates the point of the previous post. Two, and more importantly, it serves as comic relief (albeit very sarcastic comic relief). As is common knowledge, 'rack' is slang for breasts. So is the term 'tits'. Hence the use of the meme 'tits or GTFO' very cleverly converts the original context of the post into sexual humour. Which all males on internet forums love.

    The poster thus displays his [strike]superior intelligence[/strike] severe sense of boredom with this post.

    (Don't ask me why.)
  10. ultrabot90

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    ^You're clearly ICSE ;)

    Edit - @guitardoctor, thehundredthone...why don't you guys join Freq20? Altogether a better place, more features, flood's a mod, rickkyrich and I are already posting beginner questions (so basically we're poised to be tomorrow's pro 1337s), and the site admin is a pretty damn good and knowledgeable artist and a good admin into the bargain...I think you guys will be worthy additions to the Legion.
    http://membres.multimania.fr/fredrichung/forum/arise, my btards join the revolution.jpg

    (AND signing up with that link gives me referrals :beer:)
  11. thehundredthone

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    Nope. CBSE (with a little GCSE thrown in).

    Shreyas the mod = laneymaney? I dunno, I sorta like the fact that no one cares here. Ha.
  12. guitardoctor

    guitardoctor Will Rx for food

    I'd signed up a while ago. Flood had put up a notification, and he got the referral I guess... I'm not very active there yet, though...

    I've been here long enough to know who is knowledgeable enough to listen to and whom to ignore, but with a new place I start from scratch. The problem is commitment ;)

    Some guys here are great, helped me a lot since I came here and I'm grateful to this forum... Scratch that, I'm grateful to the guys who took the time and trouble to answer questions. But sometimes I wish this place was moderated, a little... Atleast the really blatant *******s need to be dealt with... Forum anarchy isn't fun when you're trying to learn something.

    So I'll give it a shot soon, I guess...
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  14. ultrabot90

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    Guy Fawkes mask, yeah.

    Something tells me getting one of those will be much harder and costlier than a whole guitar rack...it'll probably be the most important thing in the signal chain XD
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    Request denied by ION Admin.
    Reason: one or more categories denied helper='WB_KMC.1' details='Intolerance & Hate'
    Host: encyclopediadramatica.com
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    BTW, guys. And flood, PARTICULARLY flood.

    SEND ALL SPAM (hopefully some DDoS-a (if someone got that XD)) AND POINTLESS FUNNY AND NSFW THREADS FROM 4CHAN TO dangerzonedude@yahoo.com

    I suspect it's the ID of our sneaky Administrador here. >:D

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