Few Guitars, Accessories & Instructional Books / DVD for sale

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  1. nagukush

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    Hi Friends !

    Hope all is well and Great !

    My name is Kush and I'm from Erode, Tamil Nadu.

    I've learnt to play the Guitar with Mr Zager Evans (USA) and here are a few videos of my playing -

    Tears In Heavn - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjpFP39TSOM
    Fur Elise - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50eyJM6tDRU
    Californication - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4Lm0GEqO9g

    Friends, I'm also in to the Aquarium and Fish Culture hobby and I'm selling some stuff to raise money for my fish hobby. I have a HUGE collection of Original (bought from the US) DVDs and Books on Learning the Guitar, Saxophone, Piano. I have a lot of instructional material for learning the various instruments, music theory, ear training etc. Everything is world-class stuff as I used to buy only the best for my music education.

    I've decided to start selling the stuff to raise money for my new Fish Tank. Interested people, please email me at shivtex2000@yahoo.co.in with your requirement and I'm sure I will have something for you. Please note that this is not my business and I'm only selling my precious stuff that I've so dearly collected in the past, to raise some money that I desperately need for my fish tank...

    I also have a few Imported Acoustic Guitars and an Imported Brand New Yamaha Electric Guitar, Effects Pedals, A Huge Amplifier, Accessories etc for sale. Please let me know if anybody is interested...

    Some of things that I'm selling now are as follows -

    1. 4 Imported Acoustic Guitars and 1 Yamaha Acoustic Guitar
    2. 1 Brand New Yamaha Electric Guitar
    3. 1 Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Effects Pedal
    4. Marshall MG50 DFX Series Guitar Amp
    5. Load of Guitar DVDs and Books (there are so many that I will not be able to list them all here) Some of the best ones are - Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar Book + DVD, Lots of Home Spun Tapes Guitar DVDs, Saxophone Books, Beginners DVDs Books etc - Please let me know if you're looking for a particular book or dvd and I think I'm sure I'll have it :)

    6. An Imported Saxophone and books
    7. Finger Weights, Finger Fitness Book and DVD and other Practice Accessories
    8. Top International Ear Training courses and CDS
    9. Metal Method complete 7 DVD course - http://www.metalmethod.com/
    10. Finger Fitness - Book and DVD
    11. Perfect Pitch Ear Training Course - http://www.perfectpitch.com/

    Thanks a lot !
    Regards and Care
  2. nagukush

    nagukush New Member

    Friends, please let me know if anybody is interested. Thanks a lot !
  3. Harsh Kumar

    Harsh Kumar The Official IGT Jester

    tell models of guitar and prices mr fishy!?!
  4. distorted

    distorted satan

    U got mail.
  5. metalmickey

    metalmickey New Member

    kush any idea of respondin to pm's n msgs here?!!.was this ad given in a state of confusion anyway?.
  6. nagukush

    nagukush New Member

    Sorry for the delay in replying guys but I had clearly requested you to kindly email me. Anyways here are a few prices -

    Please note the Expected Prices of the best courses that I have, as follows -

    1. Metal Method Complete Course - Rs 4000
    Price Mentioned on the Website - 70 USD ( approx Rs 3400 ) but please note that I had paid International Shipping on all the DVDs induvidually (as I had bought them seperately and not as a single purchase) In total it costed about Rs 6000 for me and I can give it for a minimum possible price of Rs 4000. Anything less will really not be possible as it will be a big loss and I'll prefer to keep the precious DVDs rather than selling them for anything less. Again, kindly note that I'm selling these things only because I need money urgently and this is not what I do to earn a living. If I'm able to arrange the money that I require, within 2 or 3 days, there is no way that I'll sell these precious things.

    2. Perfect Pitch Course - Rs 5000
    Price Mentioned on the Website - 129 USD ( approx Rs 6300 ) excluding International Shipping. Please note that I had paid about 7000 for this including the international shipping but I'm ready to give it for such a less price because I know only people who are serious about their music will buy and understand the worth of this Course and I dont think there are many such people around me. Again will only be willing to sell this untill I arrange the money I require and after that will not sell it.

    3. Finger Fitness ( Book and DVD ) - Rs 2000

    4. Finger Weights - Standard 10-Finger Set - Rs 4000

    5. Gripmaster - Rs 2000

    6. The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar - Book + DVD Set - Rs 4000 ( Honestly The best book you can ever buy in your life )

    7. Learn and Master the Guitar - Rs 5000

    Kindly let me know asap, if you would like to buy any of the above. I'm saying asap because I only have 1 set in each of the above which I had bought for my personal use and as soon as I arrange the required money, I will not be able to sell them... Hope you understand.

    Boss Metal Zone - MT2 Effects Pedal - Rs 4000
    Marshall Amp - Rs 6500

    Thanks a lot !
    Have a Wonderful day !

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