Fender mex strat finding best combo

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by cheesy_chester, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. cheesy_chester

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    Finally i decided the Fender mexican strat to be my 1st electric phew! dats what i can afford right now but seems like whatever budget u hv its not sufficient specially in electric guitars after deciding the guitar deir lots of other queries comes to mind:
    Firstly i want to hv a versatile combination(dats y i choose strat) so that in future i can decide which playing styles suits me best n den proceed in dat direction.

    Pick up- SSS combination or HSS- i do love d mellowness of single coils bt when it comes to desortion Humbucker sounds good to me.

    Fretboard- maple or rosewood?- as i hv palyed acoustic with mostly rosewood fretboard and never tried a maple b4 but i luv its look. i hv sweaty fingers so mostly i m concerned wether my fretboard becomes oily n slippery i never had dis prob with rosewood fret. Does d fretwood effects d tone

    which AMP?-Solid or Tube- Laney cub 10 or something else budget(10-15k)- welh i conclude to laney after researching on d forum but as a beginner i want versatile amp.
    Do tube amps requires a lot of maintaince atleast i want to live free for 3-5 yrs

    A desortion Pedal- their r many brands but which goes best with strat Boss or cry baby or any other(budget around 5k)

    Thats all confusion i hv i cannot go n try n decide myself of dese product bcoz dey r not available every product m buying online(i knw dats risk but m stuck due to my acadamics)
    Thanx 4 ur help
  2. harmonizer

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    if it is amp....i liked roland microtube (6,200 bucks in bajao)

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