Female vocalist seeking jam sessions in Gurgaon / Delhi

Discussion in 'Form a Band' started by summertime, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. summertime

    summertime New Member

    All the happy shiny folks out there,

    I am looking for a bunch of people (you may be a band, or not, I am cool either ways) who meet up for jam sessions and who wouldnt mind trying out an alto female voice. Classic / soft rock, or blues, or jazz. Actually, I am a bit wary of describing myself through 'genres' because I cant claim to know enough about any of them, and also because I find that limiting (since I'd like to think of myself as the eternal learner / explorer). I pick up and do numbers that I fancy and that cuts across categories. Suffice to say that I can carry a tune, have a decent range and a good ear (but sadly no musical fingers, cant play any instrument). Perhaps I can drop by one of your sessions and you can check out if this fits your scheme? If it doesnt we smile and go our ways. If we hit it off, we meet again. Keeping it simple :)

    location: gurgaon or delhi
  2. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    but, of course ;-)

    welcome to these forums
  3. scientificshiv

    scientificshiv New Member

    i'm in for blues and jazz !!

    i play the drums !
  4. KaivalyaStudios

    KaivalyaStudios New Member

    Hi Summertime

    I am starting a recording studio pretty soon. It would be done by the end of this month. I am in search of session musicians. I could offer you a recording session if you are interested. Obviously it is not a jam session ...We will be doing a backing track sort of thing. It would be nice if you could tell me the name of the songs and artists you are most comfortable with. Or for that matter if you have your own compositions. That in turn will also give me an idea of your musical taste. Your first session of course will be free of cost and you gain a professional recording of your own voice out of it. A whole new experience imo if you haven't already done that. And as you said we will get to know if you fit the scheme of things. Otherwise we smile and go our ways. Let me know if you are interested. ( Summertme Joplin version is a great track). Forgot to mention I am based in Gurgaon. Let me know if you are interested and we can discuss further.drop me a mail kaivalya.in@gmail.com

  5. romi1212

    romi1212 New Member

    i am up for sessions if u want

    anything in rhythm or lead or backing or lead vocals
  6. summertime

    summertime New Member

    Hi Nitin,

    I PM-ed you. Check it out and let me know. Thankie.
  7. sunnydelhi269

    sunnydelhi269 New Member

    Hello . I am looking for people in delhi who are interested in Guitar jamming, I stay in Vasant kunj. Well I do sing (not that good) :p and play guitar , not a beginner but also not an advanced level guitarist. I have my own youtube channel where I have played guitar and sang few Hindi songs (old and new). I have just started guitar some 6 months back and currently into Indipop, bollywood music only, but would love to learn more genres

    Now to take it further , I am looking out for some people who are interested in jamming. I own 3 guitars ..1st is the Gb&A (F cut), second is the Fender's Squier Bullet start and 3rd is a small size guitar Dupont metzner which I bought when I was in germany. I have not learnt music formally but have learnt it through books, internet etc.

    Do let me know, we can jam over the weekends.

    You can contact me at sarangk82@gmail.com or you can call me at 9811975711/9899566188

    Here is my youtube channel: sarangk82 - YouTube
    PS: I am an advertising professional
  8. nothoroughfare

    nothoroughfare New Member

    We are an alternative rock band looking for a vocalist (urgent!). Contact us on this number (9953960722) for more details.
  9. Tanmay428

    Tanmay428 New Member

    Hi Summertime,

    Please let me know about the Jam sessions in delhi/gurgaon if you get any information about the same. Like you, I am a male vocalist interested in Jam sessions.
  10. saurabh.kishore

    saurabh.kishore New Member

    Anyone up to start a band or jam out in Gurgaon.. (Music: Classic rock, Blues, Hindi Fusion).

    Please contact: saurabh0073@gmail.com
  11. Stay

    Stay New Member

    urgent as well as Important

    well Many might already have Responded or said.. but if really - but if still - interested write in to 'stay.in.real@gmail.com' ASAP

    god bless and may you lead and reach the top from the stairs of Music

  12. Gagan_gupta111

    Gagan_gupta111 New Member

    Hello ..
    i have recently relocated to Gurgaon.. I was working in Bangalore and mysore early...
    I own classic Yamaha guitar and play almost everyday... i does not keep interest in copying songs chords or leads..i have made few of my tunes and very melodious if you would hear.. please let me knnow where people are still looking for jam sessions .. i am ready to visit on weekends..
  13. kamalaneja

    kamalaneja New Member

    Female Vocalist


    Would you be interested in singing Nursery Rhymes?


  14. looking_to_jam

    looking_to_jam New Member

    Looking for jam sessions to participate in. I'm a guitarist, been playing for a while, good fingers. Have jammed once or twice before, a little inexperienced but will catch on quick. Not strong with theory but sure can improvise well. I don't live in Gurgaon but can come down on weekends if required. Love genres like jazz, blues, classic rock, funk etc. but I'm open to anything. Hit me up, maybe we can meet once and see how it goes from there.
    There's a little hiccup though, I only have an acoustic. So pm if you're cool with it. I don't mind playing an electric in case you have two.
    Thanks. :)

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