Female Infanticide - Future in trouble!

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    For past couple of months, we have been discussing Politicians, Reservations, Corruption, religious problems in India, but the problem of girl child murder is probably the biggest of the problems india is facing, but there seems to be almost no or very little awareness or acknowledgement of this issue in our media, society, politicians or among us.

    Some stats claim that a few of the villages in India are already suffering because of female infaticide, and many others r on the threshold of a male - female ratio that will disrupt normal society.

    I would have thought education is the only way out of it, but stats reveal that this problem is not only of villages, infact its more rampant in cities and places like delhi, mumbai, Chennai and its practised by people highly educated and in many cases rich too.

    Its now a known fact that China, which has a similar problem, will be facing economic, and social difficulties in very near future and chineses govt is becoming very stringent in terms of protecting its girl child, but no such strong measures seem to be coming up in India. Is India Sleeping? are we not aware of the consequences of female infanticide??

    Those of u who watched the movie Matrobhoomi would know, but wht was shown in it was only a small fraction of the problem. The social and economic effect of it can be devastating for a country and its growth.

    As a human its tough to imagine the ideology of other humans who practice it. The doctors involved it, the parents who's child it is. Also to a large extent the boys of our society who claim to be men but still need dowry to feed their greed? Are these men (if u like to call them tht) who take dowry the real culprits? Is our society so useless that it can not protect girl child? Are there flaws in our culture that we r so proud of? Where are the religious leaders, does religion allow it?

    I need your views on wht steps our government,society and we as individuals can take to ensure that a girl child is protected in the country that has more places of worship than schools.
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    Call me chauvinistic but not many people would refuse money.

    My opinion is no. The real culprits are the parents of the girl child who let themselves get pressurized into giving dowry. The parents who think of their girl as a burden which they pay to get rid off. The parents who feel that girls cannot be happy until they are married and have a child. The parents who are supposed to teach their children that bowing to peer pressure is the uncoolest thing to do yet themselves try their level best to appear respectable in the eyes of "society" by doing what the Romans do....throw their daughters to the lions.

    Our society and most others are male dominated.

    lol! To think that a culture could be perfect is quite silly, in my opinion.

    I don't think any religion actually endorses abortion so they couldn't allow it.
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    none of the people r gonna stop doing this unless sum1 takes them for a ride in hell
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    this is another phenomenon centered predominantly in the land of the turban.

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