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  1. monica_decosta

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    the devil from the dingy window
    will come and catch me
    a voice use to tell me
    when i denied doing homework
    so one day i went up the roof
    and beat the dingy window with a stick
    the devil never came out
    may be he got scared
    may be he was not use to this
    may be he was never their
    but i had won and from the roof top that day
    everything looked small and all the sweat and anxious venom
    gave a exuberant orgasmic pleasure .. kicked the devils yss
    ……….. ……… ………….
    the devlils kept on changing names and even the vocies who told of there presence
    it grew..
    the pleasure of hunting the hunter
    the marujauna of pulsating hunger for dominance
    making the ego stick long and hard to shove up ..u know where.
    meeting the more scary has become an addiction ..
    the bigger the fear bigger the victory
    a couple of more and it will only be the greatest fear of all for a man ..
    i love this game and the game loves me back
    and we often don’t need the others !!!
  2. such is life

    such is life New Member

    I love the darkness of this poem its really good
  3. monica_decosta

    monica_decosta Active Member

    Thanks ..

    This is a fine piece of poetry talking about and to the self that is entangled in this game !!

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