Fearrai Takes 1 and 2 in INDIANAPOLIS ..Ha Ha Ha

Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by Nanda, Jun 20, 2005.

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  1. Nanda

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    Ferrari .... Cheaters...

    This is a Chat i had with my collegue

    11:48AM [SNIP]: but the prob was with michelliene tiers man
    11:48AM not with the chicane
    11:49AM michelliene buggers tried to get new component tires when they came to know that their tires are going to fail on this track
    11:49AM ya... they said either change the tyre or remove the chicane as Michellien cant go on that chicane..but they didnt let others change the tires ... nor did they remove the chicane
    11:49AM they failed, so whose fault is that?
    11:49AM Nandan, Goutham Shathashring (HP-IT): ya.. but they should have allowed them to change the tires which they didnt let......
    11:50AM ut dude thats would be really nfair to bridgestone runners
    11:51AM Nandan, Goutham Shathashring (HP-IT): didt get u
    11:51AM: see bridgestone got the problem sorted out and teh bridgestone runners didnt have any probelems
    11:52AM but dude thats would be really unfair to bridgestone runners if they had allowed to change tiers
    11:52AM : its against the rules
    11:52AM : the teams have to blame the michelliene company not ferrari
    11:54AM Nandan, Goutham Shathashring (HP-IT): ya but ferrai should have let them change tires..
    11:55AM : ya they should have agreed for that in the interest of the fans
    11:55AM : but technically they really didnt have to because they had the prob sorted out with bridgestone
    11:55AM Nandan, Goutham Shathashring (HP-IT): and imagine the condition of all the ppl who had bought tickets...
    11:57AM : ya they were throwing bottles on to the track
    11:58AM : barrichello ra over a bottle that got blasted
    11:58AM : they were also trowing tin cans over the track
    11:59AM Nandan, Goutham Shathashring (HP-IT): bcoz... they were pissed with ferrari the way they behave and made a huge loss for the spectators... Imagine they pay $400 for a ticket to see the 2 ferraris showing off in front of minardi and jordan...even shumacher wasnt happy... didnt u see he didnt celebrate... It was Ferraris game to get back into the Championship run
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    Theres a thread for formula one if you havent noticed and no one is really interested in your conversation with your friend. If you want, speak your mind in the formula 1 thread. This thread is closed.
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