Fate of the Kingdom of Nepal and its King ?

Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by lord_neo, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. lord_neo

    lord_neo Guest

    What do you think will happen to the kingdom of Nepal? Everyday the riots seem to get worse, even the Nepalese Kings decision to start elections didn’t clam the rioters.

    Any Nepalese on IGT?
  2. god_of_guitar

    god_of_guitar New Member

    democracy only solution
  3. Iraqita_EP

    Iraqita_EP New Member

    i think the SPA will take over and work in co-operation as they r working right now over the protests
  4. Ankur_Scorpio

    Ankur_Scorpio New Member

    I think a country where the public is so motivated, things will get back to normal. There are countries where a lot of crap happens but the masses sleep, and looking at those Nepal will do just fine.

    Obviously, the King has taken a step in right direction by reintroducing democracy and giving people the power to govern.
  5. fat_kax

    fat_kax Kickin Ass Since 1989 !

    hey - let the old man rule - he's gonna conk out any day now anewez...
  6. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    yes..i think we do have nepalis here.. one i remember well is estrangelover

    anyways nepal needs democracy desperately, king gyanendra should give up else the whole nepal would be up in fumes soon with the kind of riots takin place over there!
  7. UjSen

    UjSen *#!EVIL*!!

    gyanendra is an anti_indian A***le. First he gets his family killed so that he'es the only guy left to the throne,
    then this:mad:
    his brother was waaaayy better.:rock:

    Democracy is the only solution.:peace:
  8. m_waleed86

    m_waleed86 KhaMosh GhuStAk

    think....the king would have to give in to the demands eventually....

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