eyes dont lie

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    there is this guy that i see
    he seems very lost to me
    he smiles to the world
    he laughs with the world
    satisfied and contented in his own space
    he walks with the world matching its pace
    his face is crystal clear
    no hint of despair
    no signs of worry and wear

    but his deep brown eyes, as i see them are deceiving
    somewhere within those freckles there's somthing that they're hiding
    somewhere inside he burns for something
    something that no one knows
    something that he'll perhaps never show
    some words that he'll never say
    some feelings that are astray
    some tears that he'd never shed
    some smiles that he'd never smile..

    all of his hidden world i travel through his eyes
    coz they won't keep secrets like him
    coz they won't lie like him
    coz they make me feel his heartbeat as it really goes
    coz they are the windows to his soul

    i just wish i could tell him what i see
    i wish i could free him of his self inflicted misery
    i wish i could tell him when he says "im fine"
    that my friend, i know you are not so just quit lying.
    i wish he'd just let go
    i wish he'd smile..smile always, the real one
    i wish i could go hug him
    give him my shoulder so he could cry
    i just wish i could tell him ,his eyes unlike him dont know how to lie..
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  2. if i ever meet u i will hide my eyes ...eye readers are dangerous :p

    Phaad poetry ..u didnt care for the rhyme or anything u just wrote it and its beautiful ...i like it this style raw and real

    keep posting
  3. nandy0894

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    hahhaa :D
    one of my friends said the same thing to me after he read this :p
    thank you :)

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