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    Ppl on IGT,

    One thing I wonder and that is the various styles of playing only one instrument.

    Can any one explain me the difference between playing various styles, such as

    1. Folk
    2. Pop
    3. Jazz
    4. Bass

    I don't know how many to name more.

    How could I know what sort of guitar do I play. For your information I have a jumbo acoustic and I play chords of hindi film songs.

    Let me know the fact.
  2. kordz_player

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    This is very interesting and important

    Ya dudes it is very important question, some one please reply yaar....

  3. flyingbird

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    hey friends i also want to know this
    what is difference between all this
  4. amit82cse

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  5. guitar_guru666

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    The important distinction to make first of all is between different genres and different styles of playing of these genres on the guitar. Jazz as a genre wud be very hard to describe fully but playing jazz on guitar usually involves being familiar with complicated chords and weird time signatures(see my post below). Bass is a type of low pitched guitar with four strings that can be used in many styles. Pop is usually played with energy and simple chords and melodies. Another style popular on guitar is funk where special chords(7th and 9th chords),and rhythms are used. If anyone wants links to further explanations more info please PM me.

  6. shsnawada

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    The first three are different musical genres.

    Bass is a musical instrument. I guess thats the obvious difference.
  7. guitar_guru666

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    The gist of dat article is that Jazz is basically a style invented by african american negroes in america. Swing rhythm is used and call and response basically means one instrument copies another one at times. Sometimes some notes that are out of key and wouldnt normally be played with the backing music are used. If you want to know more about jazz on the guitar check out this site: www.jazzguitar.com
    Getting familiar with jazz chords is useful for advanced chord knowledge.

  8. amit82cse

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    if its just a style, does it mean that it use standard tuning...440 hz? or do one have to tune standard in some different way?
  9. guitar_guru666

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    Jazz guitarists use standard tuning.
    Dropped tunings (DADGBE, CGCFAD) are used mainy by heavy metal bands etc. With jazz all that makes it a certain style of music is the chords used and the chords are played in standard tuning.

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