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    I was going thru the tabs of Enter Sandman(METALLICA) solo from www.ultimate-guitar.com. I have this doubt regarding double bends:

    ---14(b)--14(b)-14(b)--14-12-15(b)- all bends r full (note:no release)
    this is the start of kirk;s solo. How do we play this part exactly(ok..maybe somewhat) like Kirk? means the sound of this double bend is not coming as expected.
    i tired playing it many times..i ve divided the whole solo into diff parts and m getting other parts..but the intor is a big bottleneck..if sum1 who has played this solo can help me by giving some tips..it wud be grt help..
  2. death_metal_fan

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    The "double bend" you refer to is relatively simple. You have strike the G and B strings one after another very quickly. It's easiest to play that part using 3 fingers. You would use your ring finger to depress the B string at the 15th fret. You would then use your middle finger to bend the G string at the 14th fret all the way up one full step (to 16th). Additionally you would want to use your index finger to mute the D string to prevent a "clash" of the 2 strings.
  3. vivekthakur

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    thanks a lot..i new the bending part..but that index finger part muting the 'clash' is a grt tip..ill try that..i think since my speed is not that fast..its not sounding as good..or may be i didnt frame my question properly..

    but u dont have to strike G and B together quickly..but in fact at the same time..its same as nothing else matters solo..the thing is its not coming out with WAH on (like original)..have u tried playing this? is it like the original one?

  4. death_metal_fan

    death_metal_fan oh goody, it's a woody!

    Yes I was going to post the Nothing Else Matters solo as reference because the pattern is the same. Playing them at the same time is what needs to be done but since you are playing with a pick, there will always be that millisecond delay between striking the strings. The pattern indicates striking the strings at the same time...so it is ideal to sweep the 2 strings very quickly (instead of using alternate picking).

    I haven't tried playing the solo with a wah pedal (since I don't have one) but I will try playing it when I get home today.
  5. 6String_assasin

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    yea, i'd have to try it with my wah pedal (which absolutely sucks) to tell you exactly..wait..

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