Emotional Atyachaar - Rock Version- In Guitar Pro 5 format and png format

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  1. soreng

    soreng New Member

    Almost accurate tabs and staff of Emotional Atyachaar - Rock Version in GP-5 and png format.... hope u like it..... plz do reply if you wan it in any other format
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  2. v2hacker

    v2hacker New Member

    nice one thx
  3. mehul_ghl@

    mehul_ghl@ New Member


    anyother gp5 song u have????????? plz post
  4. soreng

    soreng New Member

    check out my previous posts ..... i've posted around five songs ..... will be posting another one by Monday ....... wat all songs do u want in gp5 ??????????? i'll try to make.....
  5. debslab

    debslab New Member

    thanx a lot, great
  6. yashkapoor

    yashkapoor New Member

    Awwwweeeesomeeee! :)
  7. sudeesingh

    sudeesingh New Member

    thanks a lot.....
  8. therebellion

    therebellion New Member

    Heya..thanks...bt i didnt get the link...
  9. sDEVs

    sDEVs Inventor

    Where's the attatchment?
  10. laxmikant13

    laxmikant13 New Member

    Where's the link????
  11. Richiejk

    Richiejk New Member

    Hey where's the link??
  12. blckthng

    blckthng New Member

    Hey, i cant seem to find the link..
  13. akashrungta2010

    akashrungta2010 New Member

    how do you download this gp5 format emotional attyachar guitar tabs.?
  14. Abhidnya

    Abhidnya New Member

    From where to download the Guitar pro tab?
  15. harshi_bls

    harshi_bls New Member

    hi i am new here........m looking for the Emotional atyaachar GP5 file........i came across ur post bt cant get the link to the GP file.......so can u pls help me out wd the link....


    regards Harshi
  16. sloke123

    sloke123 New Member

    hey guys where is the link????
  17. shivamdang

    shivamdang New Member

    abe link kahan hai???
  18. Anup06

    Anup06 New Member

    bhai where is that att..........
  19. rohitswain

    rohitswain New Member

  20. hardiksdesai

    hardiksdesai New Member

    Can anybody tell me where can i download the attachment or link to the tab.

    Because i could not find one.

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