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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by thedyood, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. thedyood

    thedyood New Member


    is there a fender/ibanez/other guitars available for about 12-13k?

  2. sanjivdas

    sanjivdas New Member

    Go for an Ibanez

    You might get some affinity series Squiers (low end Fenders) and a few Ibanez models like the GRX20, the GRG 150 and the GRG 170DX.

    From my experience, no point buying the affinity series Squiers, they are almost bottom of the barrel. I bought my brother a GRG 170DX very recently, from Bhargavas in Bandra. Do consider that, the tremelo is much better than Squiers', the powersound pickups are quite good and the sharktooth inlays and the bound fretboard are more than value for money. I got the guitar with straps and a good GB&A padded gigbag for 11.5K. If you are in Mumbai, contact Ashish Bhargava, and say you have been referred by Sanjiv from Bangalore, and ask for the price :).

    Best of luck.
  3. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    I dunno but I remember seing one Epiphone and one Squire for Rs 12-13K

    Ibanez are available from Rs10-11K onwards.
  4. thedyood

    thedyood New Member

    but are they worth their cost? (talking about ibanez/epiphone)

    how about yamaha pacifica?
  5. blackmamba

    blackmamba Rocker Monk

    Contact me if you want an Ibanez S Series DX guitar for Rs. 15k. I bought it for someone (on IGT) a few months back from the US - he is upgrading to a JEM and wants to sell this.
  6. thedyood

    thedyood New Member

    damn ......15k is a bit outta my budget :`(
  7. thedyood

    thedyood New Member

    Music Distribution Co.

    156, Nanubhai Desai Road, Kanji Mansion, Bombay - 400 004

    Tel. (22) 2385 1519
    Fax. (22) 2385 1520
    E-mail: [Snip]

    this is address given by the official ibanez site...any idea where in mumbai it is?
    cause all i have heard is about furtadoes and bhargavas

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