Electric Guitar Amplifier Handbook

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    Jack Darr Book:
    Electric Guitar Amplifier Handbook
    This book, now long out of print, is still considered a solid reference on the care and feeding of guitar amps.

    ( Click on the Subject matter for the PDF file - you need Acrobat Reader for this...)

    SECTION I - How Guitar Amplifiers Work

    Chapter 1 - Amplifying The Signal

    Chapter 2 - Special Signal Circuits

    Chapter 3 - The Power Supply

    SECTION II - Service Procedures and Techniques

    Chapter 4 - The Amplifier Signal Circuits

    Chapter 5 - The Power Supply

    Chapter 6 - Output Stage, Transformers and Speakers

    Chapter 7 - Cables and Pickups

    Chapter 8 - Customer Complaints
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    Good one buddy. Thanks!
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    But this one doesnt talk about overdriven circuits

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    Thanks Reps Up
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    Sorry I am not allowed to give you any more reps..... but thanks anyways for the info
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    Nice work really helpful :)

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