Ek Hasina Thi-Karz Chords for complete song

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  1. vikas25

    vikas25 New Member

    Hello Friends,

    Hope you like these chords for EK Hasina Thi. Its a great song to sing with chords.

    Comments/suggestions/improvements are welcme


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  2. Trance

    Trance New Member

    hmmm its ok but i think the scale of this song is Eminor so you should play it by E minor but nice try
  3. vikas25

    vikas25 New Member

    Hey Trance

    The song is in the key of Cm, that's for sure. If you listen to song and play with it and your guitar is tuned on E, you will immediately realize that Cm is right.
    Yes the theme music in the movie is on Em scale but not the song.

    Thanks for your input though.

    Waiting for more comments after 50+ views.

  4. vikas25

    vikas25 New Member

    100+ views and only 1 comment. Cmon guys i deserve more. If you played it let me know how did it go.

  5. ssslayer

    ssslayer Banned

    cool man !!!
    but some places where u ahve mentioned NC .. i find that i can play G major chord there ... and it sounds ok ...

    anyway it has been ages since i heard the actual song ...

    nice effort ...
    as regarding the key ... i started playing the song b4 looking into your tabs ... and i was playing the same chords ... so they seem to be on correct scale ... (i belive my memory for songs - i.e. the music part is very strong) ... :)

    one more addition ... playing with phaser - sounds ultra cool on this song ...
  6. vikas25

    vikas25 New Member

    Thanks ssslayer, sure your music sense and music memory is great.

    Yeah you can play G instead of NC. The only reason I mention NC was, so that vocals can start before the chords do, and then it becomes easier to play the strumming pattern.

    I am sure phaser will make the lead part very interesting and cool.

  7. dhruvmpanchal

    dhruvmpanchal New Member

    thanks you
  8. talk2devid

    talk2devid New Member

    Thanks guys.....i am looking for this for long time....thanks again....
  9. umapati

    umapati New Member

    Thanks lot..I was looking for it..
  10. sameer18982

    sameer18982 New Member


    hi , i m just started chords, and i can play A/D/C/G/F/Cm with RYTHM TWIST AND DISCO, but is want to learn more, without wasting time, as earlier, would like to help me?
  11. himz1988

    himz1988 New Member

    thnxx man its cool
  12. akas_619

    akas_619 New Member


    hey can some one give me notes of entire song ek hasina thi in leads tab
  13. priyank.akku

    priyank.akku New Member

    hello frns

    i lav dis site.its rili nyc
  14. problem child

    problem child New Member

    Good work.
  15. 123_guitar

    123_guitar New Member


    whats.. the strumming pattern.:shock::shock::shock::shock::shock:

    please post it here :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:
  16. Jonny Joker

    Jonny Joker New Member

    Good work Vikas. Keep rocking.
  17. gurri

    gurri New Member

  18. Abhasss

    Abhasss New Member

    veryyyy cool....
  19. shardul Donde

    shardul Donde New Member

    please guys need help on the strumming!!!!
  20. vineeyes

    vineeyes New Member

    thanks vikas to provide sach a lovly tabs thanks a lot buddy God bless u and keep it up u dun a great job keep it up n thanx

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