Easy guitar tricks to get you started

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  1. rocking_devil

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    hey all,
    heres my article :: easy guitar tricks to get you started.

    here in this article i <and my friend who left mumbai>, have described some simple guitar tricks to get you started along with suitable examples.so here you go::

    TRICK 1 :: :: hammer on and bend :: ::

    this trick takes into considerations two guitar tricks namely, hammer on and bend.
    from the above example, lets take the hammer on trick...
    this trick is done by playing the note on the 5th fret with your index finger and slamming down your ring finger on the 7th fret.
    >>the hammer on trick is indicated by "h"

    lets take the bend trick...
    this trick as shown in the second part.the "7b/\" tells us to bend the note on the 7th fret up and then down.the "7b" tells us to bend up only.
    >>the bend trick is inducated by "b"

    TRICK 2 :: :: pull off and ring on :: ::
    this trick is called pull off which is demostrated by taking into consideration
    the hammer on.
    lets take the pull off trick...
    as we can see the pull off trick is total reverse of hammer on.just like hammer on, in pull off, the note is played on the 7th fret by the ring finger and the index finger is slammed on the 5th fret.
    >>the pull off trick is indicated by "p"

    lets take the ring on trick...
    after the pull offs are done successfully, we see that the 7th fret is followed by some symbol.this tell us to let the note played on 7th fret to ring on.
    >>the ring on trick is indicated by "~"

    TRICK 3 :: :: the slide :: ::
    the slide trick is a really good trick for everyone.
    lets take the slide trick...
    for begginers , it will hurt their fingers.but when you master this trick, you can do some soulful sounds to your music.
    >>the slide trick is indicated by "/" before the specific notes.

    these above tricks are simple and easy tricks to give your music a better sound.these tricks can be mixed and employed to gether in solos too like
    hotel california solo.
  2. sayanakaharry

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    are these tricks?????
  3. ronnieanand

    ronnieanand n00bier th@n th0u

    These are techniques not tricks. You might considering editing the topic if it's possible.
  4. djmoon

    djmoon New Member

    what kinda tricks are these?
  5. deathdr_87

    deathdr_87 Awesome Guitarist

    the fist lesson is alredy psoted somewher on this forum only...
  6. shak

    shak Harrr!

    yeah these are not tricks really ... more like ..practice patterns ... anyways...
    a trick: hammer-on and pull-off on b string frets 5 and 8 ... and at the same time slide your plectrum from 10th fret to 12th fret as if you were doing a tapping lick ... do this at a speed of about 2 to 3 times a second (pretty fast) ...and if u can manage .. do a tremolo depress while sliding ... it sounds as if your guitar is talking...pretty cool!
  7. shak

    shak Harrr!

    another trick: take your plectrum and hit the string "as close to saddle/bridge" as possible ... not pluck it but hit it with the broad side of the plectrum (a big stubby 3.0mm is ideal for this) ... and then play this tab
    G|7-5-----7-5-| .....
    this tab when played by hitting the strings with your plectrum near the bridge sounds like "na nana na na ... na nana na na" .. you know ... when we were kids and used to diss others by stickin our tongues out, waving our thumbs and going "na nana na na .." ..
    hehe ... sounds nice when you pull off a nice lick while your other guitar buddies are godsmacked!!

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