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  1. parasseth

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    Hello everyone,
    I have been playing guitar since last 3 months and still i cannot compose tunes for simple songs.I even have problem in tuning.How can i improve my ability to recognize what notes is been played by hearing.
    Plz help me, this is really driving me crazy nd i'm thinking of giving up guitar. :(
  2. muntazir ali

    muntazir ali New Member


    First of all u should memorize the notes on each string for examlpe ( hightest e ) f f# g # remember all those notes and then try to practise chords start with the simple if u wanna learn them fast then learn them from their root note for example the chords in the key of c C AM G F Bdmin and when u r able to hold the chords right and u know the notes on fret board then try to play a song or just keep playing notes and try to save that tune in ur mind for example how we learn the name of the colours ???? by being expose to them right ??? same here play notes and try to memorize the tune and the sound of the chords then try to play a song this process with take time dont give up the attempt but when u have gone through all this u will be amazed at ur learning speed i hope this information with help u bye and good luck
  3. musicmanPKR

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    ya, it'll take time to learn all those, but with regular practice u'll be fluent (atleast i became fluent (real fluent) in 5 months @ 20-25 mins per day)

    and ear training will take time, for sum it takes a month or two and for sum it can take even years.

    the following content can be fatal to few, discretion advised
    Pick up a physics book on sound and waves, and read about the beat phenomenon (i kno this may sound wierd, but give it a try). dat is the way i learnt tunings and got ma ears trained. i dunno if dis wud help u or not but worth a try

    BTW all the notes ORIGINALLY Originated due to the beat phenomenon only
  4. udays_w

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    hey dude even I am facing the same problem .....

    I have been playing guitar for the last 2 years ............
    but now I feel that I have started to get that ear for music (at least a little bit)

    Any ways you must keep on practicing and you will definitely improve ...

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