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    Hey everyone, this is my first post. I have been playing guitar for the past 2 years.
    My Current Gear:
    Silvertone Electric Guitar
    Silvertone 10W guitar Amp
    Digitech RP55 Processor
    I bought these a couple of years ago for 10,000 Rs.( I bought the Processor separately). I used them for developing my skills and I am pretty good now. Thing is, I play in a band and we've performed 10 shows for now. I am a student and I rarely get time to perform, though now I am pursuing engg so things are looking good. Anyways, coming to the topic, I wanted a good guitar and amp, though not too costly. My sister asked me if I wanted anything from the States. I told her that I wanted a good guitar,amp and a pedal and gave her the model names. She visited the Local Guitar Center on Houston, Texas and the problem is she's coming back after 5 years and she's bringing a lot of luggage. The amp alone, i.e. Marshall DSL40C 1x12 Combo weighs around 22.8kg and it's a big issue, as they charge shitloads for customs. Same for the guitar. So she offered to get me those in India. Thing is, the guitar is available here in my city, Pune, (btw it's a Gibson Epiphone Les Paul Standard) but the amp is not available anywhere in India as far as I know. Does anyone here own a DSL40C and is it available in India?

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