Download 5 Exclusive Soundtracks from Jal's upcoming album Boondh - MP3

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  1. ajv

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    Download the eXclusive 5 soundtracks from Jal's New Album


    Please comment on the songs as well .. i liked them what about u??

    and plz plz do figure out the tabs/chords and let me know.......

    and i m begginer guitar learner so help me out ....... Thnx

    Remmeber me in PrAyS........


    Stranger..........................................Ahmed Vaseer
  2. ajv

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    Track List

    1. Hamain Itna Pyar....
    2. Kya...
    3. Mast...
    4. O Sathi Re...
    5. Piya...


    Ahmed Vaseer....
  3. maaani

    maaani New Member

    thanks yar for sharing . .
  4. maaani

    maaani New Member

    i have listened now i am rating songs..

    I have rated below:

    humain itna pyar:3 stars out of five (***--);)

    o sathi re:5 stars out of 5 (*****):cool:

    kya se kya bana diya:no star (-----):mad:

    main mast hoon:1 star out of 5 (*----):mad:

    piya:no star (-----) :annoyed:

    over all FLOP:mad: .

    THAT WAS ACCORDING TO ME ... NOW let see wht IGT people will rate it..
  5. ajv

    ajv New Member

    According to My Ratings...

    Humain Itna Pyar (****-) 4/5:dance:
    Mast (****-) 4/5:dance:
    O Sathi Re (***--) 3/5:cool:
    Piya (-----) 0/5::nw:
    Kiya (*----) 1/5:annoyed:

    Thats what i think but lets see what other think....

    Everyone is always welcome.....

  6. basit_jaaaani

    basit_jaaaani I'm gUnnin' fer uuu

    -5/5 on my side

    ohh but thanks for sharin anyway m8
  7. piccolomair

    piccolomair New Member

    My first post

    I think ive been registered for about a year (or more actually) and this is my first post...i think its more of reply to maani....

    1 out of 5 stars for Mast!?!?! are you kidding me???

    I wont give stars, just because im not sure what my reference point would be to give say a 5 star ill just give a brief review on what i thought of the five songs.

    The first track Humein Itna Pyar, has a nice melody to it, the acoustic guitar (as always) is very nice, and the lyrics are beautiful yet subtle. The lyrics tell a nice story, and the vocals really illustrate the feelings, the change in tempo as the song progresses also adds much emotion to the song, this song is definetly not your average luvy duvy song, the lyrics, like some of jal and atifs lyrics have in the past, possess a sort of emotion and word usage that will be more relatable by people who have felt the joys and turmoils of being in love. The song is a typical Jal song, but thats not a bad thing here.

    Kya se Kya...this may be the weakest track out of the five. Sadly, it also is the most rock-ish track. Though lyrically it is fresh, the melody isnt captivating, nor are the vocals. There isnt much to say about the track, if you prefer more rock-ish tracks, then perhaps youll like this one, but it doesnt seem like a strong track coming from Jal

    O Saathi re is another nice track. The lyrics in this song are a bit better than Humein itna Pyaar, and the singing is a bit stronger. It is a nice soft song, nothing really special, but it isnt a horrible track, it definetly shows how jal are wanting to go towards that soft rock label.

    Piya is a great track, the melody is nice, especially with that sort of gothic synth in the background. The lyrics, Melody and flow of it all is very captivating. The song has mixed of emotions, as do the lyrics. The vocals are strong, its just really a great track and if you wanted to show somebody what Jal was all about, this would definetly be the track you would want to play for them. This is the level i expected Jal to be releasing thier songs at, this is the very style...yet again, this is one great track.

    Mast-Where did the concept of this song come from, cuz its GENIUS. This song has THE BEST composition of all 5 tracks. For one thing, it seems like there is no REAL chorus to the song, theres a verse, a bridge and that seems about it. The instruments used sound so crisp and the percusion is absolutely powerful, doing its job with setting the mood. THe guitar nicely adds flavor, and the lyrics are amazing. Nothing typical about the lyrics, its not the kind of song you hear often, and yet contains some nice sufism for the heart mind and soul. Not to mention the reference of Julle Lal. This track is definetly a gem, the vocals are also amazing with solo and harmonies keeping it all fresh. Theres just so much to this track that theres no way any part of it seems boring or repetetive. If there was a song to give 5 stars to, this is the one. Also it is not a typical Jal track (the only band that has such composition in thier songs is MHB,) so i cant say this is a perfect example of Jal, for they may never make a song like this ever again. But this track is something close to perfection.

    sorry my review is long, i hope it makes sense, and for the ones who dont agree with my review, i apologize, though i wouldnt mind listening to what you think about the album yourself. However, if possible listen to the tracks once more to see if what i thought actually is within the tracks. Thank you for your time.
  8. maaani

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    dear "piccolomair" .. JAL TOOK 3 years to cover up their second album... they took a very long time for their 2nd album .. infront of 3 tears ... their albulm is not gud as we hoped ...
    the first thing is "jal" has no voice ... i mean farhan has no voice ... yess man this is true ... GOHAR has better voice than farhan .. but jal has a music and composition ... but in this albulm we did'nt listen an attracked guitaring except " intro of humain itna pyar" ..
    if these five songs will be out in the market.. i will be flop ..
    we hope the upcoming songs will be better from these..
  9. maaani

    maaani New Member

    why atif is up from jal?? because atif has a great voice .... u took an example of kk . a great indian singer ... why his every song is hit ... because he has a great vioice ......
    i always say "if there is no voice than the music should be in the dustbin"
  10. basit_jaaaani

    basit_jaaaani I'm gUnnin' fer uuu

    you're a genius.........
  11. UjSen

    UjSen *#!EVIL*!!

    songs arent upto wt my expectations were,
  12. holylord

    holylord New Member

    hmmm bekar album hai ..............wat's wronge wid jal dude...
  13. Born2Play

    Born2Play New Member

    Haha, this ive also been a member for a while who didnt post and i just had to respond to this. Yeah i completely agree with you.. Although, i do believe Mast was not THAT great of a song. I prefer o saathi re.

    @Maani: Yes, vocals are an important part of music, but so is compositions. To me, goher did a great job with the melody of these 4 tracks(Kya ... ehh). And the vocals are miserable so im not sure what your so upset about. And atif's compositions blow the big one, so i dont know how hes better then jal?? but thats just a side note
  14. rockychh

    rockychh New Member

    okay first of all I think it would have been really hard for Jal to come up with something that would be as brilliant as their debut album...although at one point i was quite pissed that all my first time favourites were in the same Em D C D routine whether it be Aadat, Woh Lamhe, Rangon mein, Teri Yaad or Har jagah hai Jal..(these guys definitely used up all the different ways to make a song in Em D C D progression)..the other songs eventually grew on me that is Manchala, Panchi, Ek din aayega, Dil Haaray.

    so when i heard Payal Teaser i was very pleased as Gohar was getting into a different chord progression and building that up cos Payal is just awesome...

    i might drift in and out of the Jal review bcos there cant be a Jal topic without mentioning Atif Aslam who is just becoming more and more filmier and has gained the corporate sellout tag with his collaboration with Mithoon. the filmy versions of woh lamhe and aadat are just sheer acts of sacrilege.and that can be seen in his album Doorie which has a couple of good songs but in general nothing like what made me crazy about Jalpari. One of the positives out of Jal's new songs are that they have still stuck to the 4 piece Band arrangement and ofcourse Gohar's love for making songs that facilitate the acoustic guitar..

    I, like most people, dont know who really stole whose songs whether atif stole jal's songs or jal stole stole atif's songs. but to analyse the songs and come to a conclusion would only happen when Jal released their second album...
    listening to Jalpari gave me a big clue that, except for the songs that were common to Jalpari and Jal's Aadat , all the other songs were not in the Em D C D routine and were totally differnt from the regular "Jal routine" that they continue to follow in Teri Yaad n Har jagah hai it made me feel that Atif was actually Athief (bad joke :) )..but this new album Boondh gives me the feeling that Jal have quite a bit of a problem in fitting lyrics well with the music...which they didnt in the first album...and atif still manages to fit his songs very well..
    so i think that Gohar was(and still is) the main musical genius while fitting words to his music was Atif's forte when Jal was at its best...

    So you guys might think that why is this guy telling us all this stuff..just get on with ur 2 cents on the new album and move on...hehe..well my intention was to arrive at a reference point for rating all the songs of the new album (thanks piccolomair for reminding that for comparison, u need something to compare to :) )

    According to me the Datum Line for comparison would be a 5/5 rating for the song MAST if Atif was singing it and not Farhan...cos i definitely think Mast would have been just mindblowing had Atif still been in the band..( Atif has most probably downloaded these songs already and has thought "Shit, I wish i was able to sing this song as one of mine..wish i hadnt left Jal") only part Farhan should sing in this song is the "Main Mast hoon" part...

    Compared to that:

    Mast - 4/5 - No words for the song..hands down best among the Six (including Payal Teaser)
    Gohar excels with his compositions as usual..No 2 ways about it that he has great music sense and loves the acoustic guitar..Mast toh Mast song hai..whoever says Mast sucked clearly should go back to his/her collection of Milli Vanilli and Feeder and seek solace in that crap.

    Payal Teaser - 4/5 - Payal just struck a chord with me..just like the song's lyrics Dil ke Taaron ko chhed diye...especially bcos it was somethng really different what Jal usually did and for a change Farhan sounds good..(last time he sounded good was only in Teri yaad)

    O Saathi Re - 3.5/5 - Lovely song ...probably the first song I will cover from these 5 new songs...ek dum Dil Haaray Pukaray style but a little slow in pace..

    Piya - 2.5/5 - Piya is good in parts...again the transitions in the song just proving Gohar's ability to just fuse in great tidbits of music in to take the song all the way even though it goes back to the Aadat fact the verse sounds exactly like aadat's verse...the More piya part in the background screams Atif Atif..ofcourse Atif has his own 'O re Piya' too.maybe
    they thought of Piya when they were together..overall an ok-ok song

    Humein itna pyaar - 2/5 - the first time i heard this song it was some unplugged version they had recorded and i heard it once and said ok thats standard aadat chords...typical jal thing to do...although the song doesnt really make me want to listen to it once more to find more depth, it still has been varied quite a lot from that unplugged version and the offbeat rhythm that it reqd,it got in this refined version (offbeat as compared to the unplugged version)

    Kya se kya bana diya - 1/5 - starts off nicely..that probably fetched it the 1 star..but Farhan, simply put, is just lame and Jal's effort to not be dubbed as an only Pop band leaves us with a forgettable song..

    Overall, these songs have mindless solos incorporated in between the songs. Gohar should stick to his simple yet melodious and powerful solos as he really makes solos that people remember rather than trying to prove that he can play fast solos and has good finger dexterity...he should do what The Edge does for U2 or what Johnny Buckland does for Coldplay...than try to compete with Nabeel Nihal (aaroh's former lead guitarist)
    and the drummer hasnt really create magic like he did in Manchala, Rangon Mein or Har jagah hai Jal...has the drummer changed since the first album???
    the flute worked very well for jal the first time...wonder if they are going to use it in this album. Except for nice transitions in music in some of the songs viz Mast, O saathi re the songs dont really tick and i wish they had added Payal to this list.
    The sound quality of these mp3s dont really help the cause and that annoying panzy wannabe american chanting in the middle of the song is just unbearable and someone oughtta give him a fanta to suck and just shut up..

    wow this is looooooong....just felt like putting all that was in my head in writing for a change..hehe
    Cant wait for the entire album

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