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    Hi all,
    This is vishal. Just a beginnner to guitar.
    I have trouble playing chords, both fingering and even tune wise. I just started off with the C and the G chords.
    Can anybody post some very very simple songs in these chords and also post the midi file for it....
    [A] aye saala [A][D]
    [A]abhi abhi [A][D]

    How do we play a chord like this? Is it like A should be played for the whole of Ay saala and then D?? The strumming pattern was something like
    ^^V^^V^v^v...So how do we distribute this pattern across a line..Is it like this strumming pattern is for an enter line??

    Do clarify this...

    Hoping to post someday,
    Insanely sane Vishal
  2. vishweb

    vishweb VISH Rules...............

    Try this 'Chukar mere manko

    Hey Dude ,
    As u r beginner & started with C ,G , Go through the lessons of Guitars in this forum once !
    I think u can play this song very well
    Try this 'Chukar mere manko' Strumming pattern ^^V^^V^^V

    About ur 2'nd doubt , Listen the song carefully , u easily recognise where the music /chords changes ,

    While singing 'Aye saala' play [A] chord only ,after every line completion there is gap between each line ,there u play [D] chord !!

    OK , Try this !!!!!!!!
    If u done ,send me reply if not thn also !!!! Bye Have a nice day !!!

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