dosti by junoon

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  1. chatur

    chatur New Member

    there are basically only 2 sequences,
    1st sequence is:: Am Dm G C , and
    the 2nd sequence is:: Am Dm G E

    The song goes like this,

    Am Dm
    yaro yehi dosti hai
    G C
    kismat say jo milli hai
    Am Dm
    sab sang chalein sab rang chalein
    G E
    chaltay rahey hum sada
    tootay na kabhi saath yeh
    chootay na kabhi haath yeh
    G E
    apni to hai yehi dua.....

    and the same cords continue through out the song,
    Dude plz do tell me are these cords ok?? i'm kinda confused... need comments!!!!!!
  2. nabsha

    nabsha New Member

    I think E n Dm can be used but not in whole song...
  3. Wannadoo Guitar

    Wannadoo Guitar New Member

    Hi, duz any1 have the simple tabs 2 this? (NEWBIE in da house!!!!!!) ;) Thanks!
  4. basit_jaaaani

    basit_jaaaani I'm gUnnin' fer uuu

    try Am F G Am

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