Don't worry be happy : Toofan ( The Big B movie )

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  1. sand storm

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    Hi ,
    This is my 1st post in this forum just try this -

    Ghar mein hai problem Bahar hai problem
    E |-------1-------------1----------
    B |--4-2----4-4-4--4-2----4-4-4---

    Aage peeche aaju baaju Problem hi problem
    E |------6-4-4---4-----------1-------------
    B |--4-4-------6---6-4-2-2-4---2-4-4-4----

    Don't worry be happy Don't worry be happy
    E |--2-1-1-1------2-1-1-1--------
    B |-----------4-4----------4-4----

    La la la la la la la La la la la la la la
    E |-----------2-2-1-------------------
    B |--4-4-2-4--------4-4-2-4-6-6-4----

    Ek din mujhse woh boli Yaar mere tu lallu hai
    E |--6-6-7-6-4-7-7-6-6-7-6-4-7-7-6----

    Main bola jara neeche dekh Haath mein tera pallu hai
    E |-------6-4-4-4------------1-----------
    B |--4-4-----------6-4-2-2-4---2-4-4----

    Whole song can be played in the same manner.
  2. N S POLE

    N S POLE New Member

    Good work .

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