Distortion Guitaring, anybody!!!

Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by rjain172, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. rjain172

    rjain172 Banned

    He people, do anybody know wat distortion guitaring is?????
    I guess it is d same which is used by rehman in paathshala.
    I like d guitaring part of dat song very much, I mean it's very different & powerful.
    Is it a modified guitaring or played on a different guitar??

    I'm also interested in knowing abt power chords, power guitaring & different types of guitars & how they r modified.

    One more thing, how to change d name(newbie) which appears under d username??
  2. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Even I dont know what "distortion guitaring" is.

    However, I knao something called distortion and use it quite frequently while playing guitar.

    Aatually what is done is that teh Electric signal from electric guitar is changed by an effects processor to change teh quality of the sound.

    SO when the processor is engaged you hear the "distorted" sound. and when it is disengaged, yuo hear sound which is "similar" to "normal" guitar.
  3. pavandude

    pavandude New Member

    Get into SLayer.... you'll know all u didnt want to know bout Distortions.... Amen...
  4. dharmatma

    dharmatma Banned

    distortion guitaring is a diamond ring which gives u the power to eat as much food u want to..in the process which makes u powerful and helps u to play patshala by ar rehman.
  5. aeg0

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    "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to dharmatma again."
  6. bjr

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  7. rjain172

    rjain172 Banned


    He dharmatma, can u pls give me dat diamond ring. and in exchange of dat, Ill give u......, ya , u guessed it al right...., my middle finger!!!!!
  8. death_metal_fan

    death_metal_fan oh goody, it's a woody!

    Try reading this article.
  9. rjain172

    rjain172 Banned

    Death metal

    He man, dat was something gr8 & thanx a lot 4 dat.
    U r looking a die hard death metal fan, am i right?, I hope! & Cradle of filth must be on the top of your hit list. Earlier, I was also in d same shit used 2 hear dat with lyrics & acc. 2 me, this stuff completely changes your way of living, your attitude towards life, your way of thinking 2 a dangerously 'bhayankar' manner. But now I'm out of it & metallica & maiden is my all time fav.
  10. Frets_n_Strings

    Frets_n_Strings New Member

    Here is the technical lowdown

    read the whole thing - will help ...

    DISTORTION technically speaking is converting a clean frequency into a bunch of frequencies. lets say you pluck the lsat string of the guitar ... the thikest string has a frequency around 330Hz. Now what the electronic circuit in the Fuzz Box or an Amplifier is that it will convert it into a bunch of frequencies.

    How that is done is in 2 ways. Either i will use an amplifier and amplify the signal (input of 330Hz) with a gain so high that the sinusoidal wave approaches to a squarish wave. This multiplies the signal in the frequency domain thereby creating that 'JHANG' sound. so the output you hear is not 330 hz but a bunch of freq from 300hz to 350hz. this is called GAIN CONTROL.

    the second way is to CLIP the signal. I can use rectifiers to cut the clean sound into squares. The reason some distortions are so good and some so jarry is this clipping. u need to use high quality components to do it. Today KORG and Digitech are converting signals to digital form and processing them using a DSP chip. Its faster but doesnt have that PUNCH. for eg - check out a Marshall amp with a gain control - u will know what i am talkign about.

    Power chords arent technically clear to me (perhaps someone can help me out) - but the chords are a basic pull on the bar chords. When you are playing distortion chord riffs - you need to slide fast and u need to play the middle strings - so u use one finger less and bring up the distortion to a level that the effect creates a more POWER in it. Used well by metal bands. Even Hammet uses them often.

    Lastly - you cant change the name NEWBIE - the number of posts will decide that for you.

    Hope i have been a help.

    P.S - just in case u are wondering why and how i know technically what distortion is - i used to make Distortion kits in college - am an Electronics Engineer from MIT (Not Boston - Pune)
  11. rjain172

    rjain172 Banned

    Thanx dude. Dat was really a help & thanx 4 ur time & cooperation.
  12. Frets_n_Strings

    Frets_n_Strings New Member

    No Problemo Brotha ...

    No Problemo Brotha ...
  13. gidisrael@gmail

    gidisrael@gmail New Member

    power chords


    Firstly power chords are also called 5 chords(as in A5 , B5 , C5.......etc like A6 or G7) because they made up of the root note and the fifth note of that scale , like A5 is made up of the notes - A , E and another A , a higher pitched one.

    to play power chords u need to play a bar chord , say F , and leave the bottom 3 strings alone , press and play only the top 3 strings , you would then be playing F5(a power chord) YAY! , u do the same for G5 , A5 etc.

    Ok , now if you need to play C5 , you could play it on the 13th fret , but it wouldnt sound too good, so u could play a Cm chords and follow the same principle as above , this time leave the bottom 2 string alone and the top string , so u only press and strum the 3th , 4th , 5th string , and there u have it , a C5 , u do the same for D5 , E5 etc (play Dm or Em .........u get the idea)

    Hope i've been a help.

    oh and Frets_n_Strings , how do u guys get overdrive.
  14. dino

    dino New Member

    i believe distortion is a patch which creates a sizzling effect by changin it frequency from low to high pass or vice versa !! Now that's wat u call .... " PHYSICS !! "

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