"Dil ki baat" forgotten song. need help

Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by SunLikeStar, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. SunLikeStar

    SunLikeStar New Member

    hi guys.. i am lookin for this song i heard in my school days back in 1998 or something.
    it goes like "dil ki baat na jaane tu naa jaane na. kiske paas pyaar hi paar hai tu na jane na" the interlude is like "hum dost hain magar tujh ko kya pata hai, is dosti ki wajah hai mera pyaar."

    i think the name of the artist is saurabh. i need this song. i have been looking for it every where since last 3 years :(. plz help me.
  2. qaswed

    qaswed New Member

    hey did u get dat song coz im searchin 4 it 2
  3. SunLikeStar

    SunLikeStar New Member

    no dude. i have not found it yet!
  4. reshmaraman

    reshmaraman New Member

    i think the album is "friends forever" n the artist s "siddarth"..
  5. SunLikeStar

    SunLikeStar New Member

    Spot on!
    You are correct about the album. It’s “Friends Forever” by “Shidharth Dingra”. Thank you so much!
    Here is the itunes link

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