Dil Harrey(Cover version by Nadeem Khan)

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    Hiee guys.

    I am Nadeem Khan a software Engineer by profession from the garden city of India "Bangalore" and very passionate about music. i play the guiatar and sing, long ago i heard a voice which was so messemirising and so touchy that i eventually landed up composing and singing these tunes. the voice was none other that the LIVING LEGEND "ATIF ASLAM". Here is a song by him which i have sung and played. let me know wat you think about my version of the song. "Comments or Compliments are always welcome"

    vocal and guitar by Nadeem Khan.

    This song is Called Dil harrey (Cover version by Nadeem Khan)
    (To Down load the song use this mail id and pwd ---> [SNIP] nadeem)

    by the way you guys can reach me on [SNIP] or call me on SNIP.

    Thanks and love u alll
    "Three Cheers for music Lovers."
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    ^^^email addresses n telephone numbers r now allowed hewre

    kindly edit ur post
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    will check later and let u know ....sounclick is offline for a moment
  4. amirsimsibshako

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    sounds gr8 can u post the cords?

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