Dil Chata Hai Solo

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  1. Slrman

    Slrman New Member

    IT'S TRUE! IT HAS BEEN ACHIEVED! i've been listenin to that song senseless, but i have finally got every single note for that awesome solo in Dil Chata Hai at 2:28. I have exams 2morrow so i dont i'll be able to post it 2nite, but watch soon i'll put it here!
  2. ehsaan

    ehsaan New Member


    hey glad u like my solo post it ....... if theres anything wrong in the solo i will let u know:beer:
  3. amit82cse

    amit82cse Silent observeR

    "awesome solo in Dil Chata Hai at 2:28"...post it man! good luck for exams!!!
  4. guitar_lover

    guitar_lover New Member

    ehsaan sir could you please post the chords of the song
    SOCHO KE JHEELON KA SHEHAR HO-From Mission Kashmir
    This is one of my very fovourite song.
    I hope u will reply
  5. Slrman

    Slrman New Member

    Hey guys

    Hey thankz just finsihed al my exams and at teh end of this week i'll be gettin a lovly 2 weeks holidays. exams were gr8 aced em all hehehe. I'm currently typin it up, but it's realli anoying because i have to copy and paste 'blank' tabulres and then type up the notes.
  6. Slrman

    Slrman New Member

    Sorri i forgot...Guitar_Lover, i havent got that song on my computer. i think i may have it on CD somewhere, but i'm not capable to learn those chords. i can barely hold chords, and at i'm not skilled enough to kno wta chords r bein used by my ear. there are many advanced pplz on this communtiy who could do it for u thou :) sorri
  7. Slrman

    Slrman New Member


    Righty-o, it's all done. before u jump in to it, i wanna say dat when u see the 'vvv', it's NOT sayin usin the vibrato - tremolo arm/bar. all it's sayin is using ur fingers, move them up and down realli quickly (not too far up or down) for a similar effect to the tremolo bar.

    Secondly, the bends involved seem top be pretty accurate, but realli it's up to wateva u liek. some folks prefer a small bend, others a huge one so wateva u think is good. When the 13p12p11p10 comes, keep the pinki on the 13th fret and the forefinger on the 10th. ‘Fill’ the rest of the frets with the other fingers.

    I had to keep the tab in word file because to some pplz the tabs would appear all muddled up. this is like my 3rd attempt at makin my own tabs from ear :), so if u see any mistakes PLZ let me kno. My email is firebladez@gmail.com. Enjoy!

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  8. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    What all gear was used in making that solo?
  9. Slrman

    Slrman New Member

    Hang on, so Eshaan was the dude who did the recording for dil chata hai solo?! i'm confused. If it was eshaan's solo, wouldnt he have said 'i've done it here it is...' or eshaan, did u wanna have a look at my go and then correct me with ur proper version?
  10. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    What else does this mean?
  11. Slrman

    Slrman New Member


    Err Eshaan, where have you gone? Anyway, if someone can go thorugh my solo and give me some constructive feed back i would greatly appreciate it :)
  12. ehsaan

    ehsaan New Member

    to alpha i re DCH

    hi there a little late in replying ..... the solo was played on a paul reed smith guitar through a sansamp !!!
  13. avi_avi

    avi_avi New Member

    can any 1 tell me where is the attachement for this song plzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!thnx

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