difference between sound of avion av3 and 6 ??

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by dps8688, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. dps8688

    dps8688 New Member

    can the experts here pls help me out .???

    also in futados av 6 is available for 19 k while at bajaoo ,it is available for 16 k ( they say the paint job is somewhwt defective ))

    so which one to go for ???

    i have a budget of 15k .

    is it worth spending 4-5 k more on av6 rather than on av 3 ???
  2. ozone

    ozone New Member

    av 6 is 18g dude..... i wanted to buy a greg bennet but my budget was limited to 18 for both guit n amp...Greg bennet is known for the pickups... so Av6 is the least priced best greg bennet... av3 n all is just low grade... make ur selection wisely, dont regret it later....
  3. dps8688

    dps8688 New Member

    thanks fot tat info .

    what about rg 321 for 15.5k .have u played this ??? i suppose it is better than av 3 .

    also pls help me with a processor for 5-6 .

    digitech rp 80 or rp 200 or korg ax 5 ???
    rp 200 is 6900 .. but is it wise to invest that ............
    i dont have to do s.tage perfomances . i play at home only
  4. ozone

    ozone New Member

    mm... right now if u want a simple distortion effect... u can go for the marshall amp which has overdrive.. i kno it sounds stupid but on high gain+overdrive it sounds like distortion but not the real deal (is u wanna save some cash for now).... so if want real effects go for a good processor... since ur not using it in gigs i suggest u go for a simple digitech distortion pedal which comes cheap for about 3-4 grand.... or go for a good boss processor.... a boss gt8 will set u for life.. its expensive though.....
    rp 80 is not bad.. has a pedal n over 40 presets but not good enough for gigs....

    bout the guit rg 321

    This guitar is built for rock, hard rock and metal. For forms of rock the pickups will do you fine, but if your a metal guitarist then get new more powerful pickups.morever if ur spending more than 15k i suggest u buy 1 with a floyd rose... their performance is way better........
  5. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    Just buy the Roland Microcube Amp will cost u around 5.2 K. U will get almost 5 to 6 effects in it.....
    For the guitar Av6 is way better than the Av3 in terms of the sound. Havent played that Ibanez model yet.

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