dekha hobe bondhu,by Partho Borua.

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  1. nova

    nova New Member

    pls help me with the cords ,Dekha hobe bondhu ,Partho Borua.
  2. InBangla

    InBangla New Member

    Could You Plz Send (E-Mial) Me Path To Download The Song. I Don't Have The Song. If Your Can Send Me The Path Then I May Try To Find The Chords. I Can't Remember The Song. But I Think It Goes Like

    Dekha Hobe Bondhu
    Karone Ar Karone
    Dekha Hobe Bondhu
    Chawa kono......
    (Not Sure. Need The Song)
  3. nova

    nova New Member

    Partho Borua, Dheka Hobe Bondhu.

    Hi ,
    If you are kind enough to give me your e-mail I can send yoy the song , thanks!
  4. joydeep1978

    joydeep1978 New Member

    etaa aamaaro khub priyo gaan.... keu post korley khushi hobo
  5. apel

    apel New Member

    Dure kothao asi bose by Tousif - gantar chord gulo paoa jabe ki ? Karo kase thakle pls ektu post kore dien.pls.pls.

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