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  1. 6stringevil

    6stringevil New Member

    Hey people,
    we are getting loads and loads of request for naagin tabs. The full tab
    Including Bass, Drums, Guitars, Chord sheets and Clef notations is completed but would be released along with the Album/EP whenever we release it.
    As of now i am attaching a link to demo file of the tab, If you can take out the whole song out of this then well and good for you..
    Or wait for the album
  2. x969

    x969 New Member

    thanx alot dude, tha naagin song rocks...waitin fr ur album now .. !!!
  3. 6stringevil

    6stringevil New Member

    Glad you liked the song. Our album material is kinda done. Just finalizing lyrics for 2 songs and waiting for our Sound Tech to return.. As per plans in 2008 we might release our album it would be Progressive thrash metal and will have Longer version of Naagin with better quality :p
    The one which you guys downloaded is home recording!! :)
  4. 6stringevil

    6stringevil New Member

  5. abhijeet2203

    abhijeet2203 New Member

    hey!!!! plz post the mp3 link as well...........and when r u releasing the album
  6. gautam_bapuli

    gautam_bapuli New Member

    boss decibel rocks even i have the naagin song in my mobile and i hear it every day
  7. bassit

    bassit New Member

    decibels rocks man!
  8. alib_i

    alib_i New Member

    Could somebody please upload the 52KB pdf file to some place other than rapidshare?
    I just cannot get slots at all !! All this wait for just 52KB of data !!! damn :)
  9. swizzy

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  10. vishwas

    vishwas New Member

    I'm very close to figuring out exactly what notes are being played but need some more info.. Hopefully someone from the band can answer this:

    I'm not trained (enough) to go by scales or notations but usually go by the ear. I do know some theory and wanted to ask some questions to the band:

    1. What scale is the song based on?

    2. Indirectly (by asking the above question) I'm trying to figure out the chords of the song - Any help would be appreciated

    3. I read somewhere (maybe on orkut) that you guys have a GT-8... correct me if I'm wrong, but I wanted to know what kind of stompboxes or pedals are you using. Sharing the settings of a GT-8 patch would be awesome. It wouldn't hurt to share your patch

    I just got my GT-8 about 3 weeks ago and haven't got to modifying the finer details but I'd like to have the same sound (as yours) into a couple of songs that I plan to play at a concert over here in Philadelphia on 15th Aug. I'm not sure if I'll get the same sound cause I have a Fender HSS strat and, I believe, that you have a gibson (not sure, but atleast it has 2 humbuckers unlike my fender). The sound also depends on your amp.. but I could give it a shot.

    Waiting a reply
  11. 6stringevil

    6stringevil New Member

    Check this image :
    this is a teaser to original tab
    The chord progression of naagin = F# - E - D - E then
    Scale Change B - A - G - A ... Hope that helps... (5th/Power chords)
    The solo is easy all that matters is rythm part. There are some 40 Naagin cover video's on youtube and no one plays the accurate rythm.
    My advice would be remember the Chord Changes along with timing. The chords used are mentioned above.
    Have Fun to you all

    Karthik (Bass, Decibel)
  12. 6stringevil

    6stringevil New Member

    Its been too late to post about GT-8 we sold it 6 months back.. Ripple now uses Pod XT Live and also
    check out our demos
    Ghost in your mirror and Time machine are recorded using PodXt Live with Tone Packs installed!!
  13. the new dude

    the new dude New Member

    whassup momo ?

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