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    I'm sorry for the hurtful poetries I'm writing these days.. they're just images of my mind...
    I've taken the last three lines from another song, done it on purpose.

    As every sun rises, so does the hurt,
    I wish to sleep, dead and inert.
    Under my blanket, hugging my pillow,
    I dream of you, deep down.

    Tell this heart and it will reveal,
    time does everything, but heal.
    I ask for a chance to prove myself,
    moments without you I want to kill.

    And someday, I'll shoot my heart,
    for all the pain it caused me.
    For it always belonged to you,
    and now its crying and lonely.

    Take me away, I ask you dear,
    free me from this plight.
    Either brighten or end this life,
    kill this pain, and make it right.

    And all our moments of togetherness,
    cannot subdue my loneliness.
    And a glimmer of hope that
    someday you'll return,
    keeps me alive, beating.

    And know you, when you do come back,
    and end all my sleepless nights.
    Try my love again, this time,
    I'm gonna treat you right.
  2. This was quite touching ... i dont knw y but it was..

    good poem ..
  3. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    thnx monica..
    N i guess the one its meant for isn't even reading...
  4. allstarsband

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    those are really awesome lines...great one!

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