Dean won't stay in tune

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by gui420tar, May 4, 2006.

  1. gui420tar

    gui420tar New Member

    Last X-mas I got a Dean guitar, FBD Dimebag tribute ML. I've stretched the strings and play all the time. But whenever I use the whammy bar, all the strings go out of tune. I went to a guitar store, but those idiots were no help. How do I prevent my guitar from going out of tune when I use the bar?
  2. jocelyn

    jocelyn New Member

    Your floyd is not set up properly. Take your guitr to a good guitar tech and ask him to set it up.
  3. tallkien

    tallkien DIY GURU

    Check to see if you nut locks work fine and make sure the strings are locked ok. If the problem still persists you need to adjust your trem springs. Most probably they're just off balance. The tension on both sides needs to be matched. If that does'nt fix the problem either, you need new springs.

    I've known guys to change one or two springs and leave a third one old. No can do. Got to replace all at the same time. Like jocelyn says, take it to someone

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