Daulat Shohrat - Kailasa Jhoomo re - Kailash Kher

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    Hi, this is my first post. Kindly correct if u notice any mistakes. Simple and great song.



    Play simple arpeggio on the above first 3 chords for piano/guitar intro…

    [Dm] Daulat shohrat [Bb] kya karni
    [C] Tere pyar ka sahara [Dm] kafee hai
    [Dm] Yeh mehil atari [Bb] nien chayien yeh
    [Dm] Mehil atari [Bb] nien chayien
    [C] Tere dil ne utara [Dm] kafee hein
    [Dm] Daulat Shohrat [Bb] kya karni

    [Dm] Mere sanam mujhe [Bb] teri kasam
    [Dm] Meri jaan bhi tho [Bb] iman bhi tu
    [C2] Tere dum se hai mera dum
    [Dm] Jaan bhi tu [Bb] anjaan bhi tu

    [Dm] Paisa waisa [Bb] kya karna mujhe
    [Dm] Paisa waisa [Bb] kya karma
    [C] Mujhe tera nazara [Dm] kafi hai
    [Dm] Daulat shohrat [Bb] kya karni

    [Dm] Pyaar mohabbat [Bb] se duniya mien
    [Dm] kuch bhad kar [Bb] hota bhi nahin
    [C2] Daulat jahin tho jahin koi
    [Dm] Pyar bina [Bb] rohta bhi nahin

    [Dm] Esho musarat [Bb] nahin chahyien mujhe
    [Dm] Esho musarat [Bb] nahin chahyien
    [C] Tere naam ka sahara [Dm] kafien hien

    Alternatively you can use capo on 3rd fret..Chords are w.r.t capo – Bm, G, A (open), A2 (barre).

    Thanks for going through. Happy guitar playing and peace for all.

    P.S.: Sorry for bad spellings in lyrics, i copied from some website. Inconvenience regretted.
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    I've been trying to get this song for quite some time.. but never quite bring out the acoustic version....
    can somebody help me on this pls..

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