dance of the fairies

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    we all do what we do
    and in the end there is the madness

    the streets are hungry as ever
    the crowds burn the effigies of venerated axioms
    streams of spit and malice make the air humid
    the walruses choke their cries
    as the palaces burn with the stench of sad cucumbers

    you came here for this?
    to swim in rivulets spilling over with tadpoles
    once there were the voices
    but now they scratch against the empty innards
    of a philistines pride
    while she waits in the octopuses' lair
    and in the rows of boxes with an universe inside each
    where the gypsies live

    the birds cry out to you tonight
    maybe their last cries before their beaks are smashed
    against the rueful morning clocks
    the pollen in their eyes carry the blame
    distilled from persecuted truths
    fairies dance on the edges of teacups

    what boredom
    even the hour hides its excruciating nakedness
    the mad bull rips all the fat skirts
    and pays a scatological tribute
    to the lord of deceit
    and the smell of a drugged jasmine stings the skin
    lofty serenades of the fiddle that broke probably ruined your head
    and your arboreal soul

    i peel off eyelids of molasses
    and wake sleeping hyenas
    their pinhead laughter
    pierce termite infested hearts

    icicles of rain peel off violent skin
    treachery of the night and its endangered name
    pigeons hold on to their skeletons with moons in their beaks
    ninjas fall off dead in the gloominess of murky shadows
    bald temples with their gilded idols
    endure time by drinking tea

    searing, buzzing screaming night
    only the sad song sitting on your shoulder
    can soothe the frayed ends of its madness
    the edges of rooftops quiver in that song
    and the colour of a dark whisper splashing in your ear

    cries wash up against the sky
    and rain down on the cemetery
    that the child carries in his eye
    and the weight of the sky on his shoulders
    he doesn't shrug

    the seasons and their toxic promises
    a spoonful of honey
    and the rest is fasting
    only the cannibals survive
    on the apples of a million eyes
    and ants that eat into the moon

    fairies dance on the edges of teacups
  2. Although some parts of this piece is very difficult ( not in terms of words but the scene that you describe )....i personally loved reading it... great lines fairies dance on the edges of tea cups.. wow

    keep writing ur too gud at this *thumbs up*
  3. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    heavily written.
    full of words and it very much..
    keep writing..

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