Dance clubs in the US???

Discussion in 'Misc Musical Instruments' started by LittleButterfly, Apr 21, 2010.

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    As some of you may know from my previous posts, I was born and raised in Austria, where I also learned ballroom dancing. In Austria, dancing is a rite of passage for many teens, and virtually everybody I know/knew is familiar with the basic steps of most standard and Latin dances.

    I already know that this is not the case in the US. However, the thing that always shocks me is the price of lessons in this country! In Austria and Germany, I was a member of a Tanzclub (literally translated, a dance club) for about 200 Euros per person per year. There was a minimal fee of 3 Euros for lessons and free access to the floor space. The level of instruction was excellent, and it was fun. We were mostly social dancers, but there were some competitive couples as well.

    Do you know of similar institutions (outside of universities) in the US? I find the prices of dance studios utterly ridiculous. My husband and I are not interested in competition dancing, but enjoy high level social dancing. We are not really interested in courses for the general community as they tend to focus on ballroom basics...Ideally, what we are looking for is something like my former dance club in Vienna

    Any ideas or suggestions? Thank you in advance.
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    du bist eindeutig im falschen forum, mein lieber... hier lauern blutige zum größten teil gitarrenanfänger rum, die zumeist von ihrem instrument wenig ahnung ahnung, von der restlichen welt noch weniger, und von der hohen kunst des waltzers und der wiener charme gar keine.

    für deine frage ist fast jedes andere forum hilfreicher; hier bist du jedoch eindeutig auf dem holzweg. viel glück bei der weitersuche.
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    you are clearly in the wrong forum, my dear ... bloody lurking here for the most part beginners guitar around, the mostly instrumental from their little ahnung ahnung, world from the rest even less, and the high art of the Viennese Waltz and no charm.

    ask you for just about any other forum is more helpful, but here you are clearly on the woodway. good luck with the Continuity.

    thats the translation i got from web....
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    the wood way :D

    much english for runaways!

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