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    Who will watch as I grow up
    Who will catch me when i fall
    Who will help me during hard times
    Have I any hope at all.

    Some say life passes quickly
    Some say life is very tough
    Some say life will only let you down
    Is your life even enough.

    Friends will come into your life
    Some are good enough to stay
    Friends sometimes leave rather early
    Friends sometimes must pass away.

    Time holds all the cards at hand
    Time itself will never lie
    Time will always be a part of you
    Even after you die.
  2. shashankgothic

    shashankgothic New Member

  3. horsesmouth

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    i think i recognise this anger.........
    nice one.....no1 botherĀ“d 2 comment-.....bad luk
  4. metal_fan69

    metal_fan69 To Live Is To Die

    nice work keep it up!
  5. suhasputtu

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    nice poem .... great work ...
  6. kundan22kandy

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    thums up from here
    great work dude

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