Cryptopsy- Graves of The Fathers

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  1. Mr. Scary

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    One of my favorite songs from their album None so Vile.

    Graves Of The Fathers

    ***tons of the churchyard
    Have seen unblessed things;
    Ground no longer hallowed
    Has sprouted new graves.

    Descendants of clan
    That unsurped maternity
    hear whispers in their blood;
    This summons of the Fathers.

    Adherence to the principle
    Of "man by woman born"...
    Anachronistic ritual
    Soon to be obsolete.

    "Forgive me Father
    For I know not what I do;
    My grave beckons
    As irresistable as drawing breath."

    Nature abhors a vacuum,
    The same is true to a tomb...
    It cannot be empty.
    A barren womb of plenty...
    A vacant grave must be filled.
    For this the Fathers' will,
    Material birth be abjure,
    A mother's cunt is unpure.

    Sired in blasphemy,
    In nocturnal obeisance to rotted hearts
    Filled with necrolatry
    Reverse the life cycle be reborn through Death.

    "Forgive me Father
    For I know not what I do;
    I leave a void to fill one,
    Hear my prayers from far below."
  2. tejas

    tejas ..........

    Cool Lyrics. I like the lyrics of "Slit Your Guts" too, but damn....can you understand what he sings in that, without the help of the lyrics sheet??
  3. Mr. Scary

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    lol no. Did you hear We bleed? It featured the singer that replaced "wormy"..his name was Mike Disalvo or something. You could understand almost every 3rd word mike said...its impossible to understand Lord Worm.
  4. tejas

    tejas ..........

    Exactly. I understood that Mike guy. But Lord Worm is just indecipherable. That in itself is a talent I guess.:p:
  5. jamhead

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    is Lord Worm the name of some singer ??????????????

    omgggggggggg lordy lordy!!!
  6. Mr. Scary

    Mr. Scary Bass-tard Child

    yes... he is. Pavirotti and all those other fat ass tenors dont got **** on the Worm!

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