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    Hi All IGT fans,

    First of all, hats off to all of you who post and who give feedbacks. I am in Canada right now. In Guitar field am a newbie...yes can't get that perfect F chord yet :eek:: . For a couple of months I have been practicing with help of the Hal Leonard Guitar Method, Second Edition - Complete Edition. You can find this book at Hal Leonard Guitar Method, Complete Edition . This complete edition is a combination of Parts 1,2 and 3. Comes with 3 CDs. Each for a part.

    The best part of this book is that novices can start it just like that. You need a guitar, this book and a cd player. The CDs catch the music exercises that is there in the Book. It guides you through all the notations, timings, strummings and theory slowly and steadily. And yes by the time you finish the 114 page book... practicing I mean, you can play cool.

    The main problem with this is, all the songs are of English origin leaving some French and Israeli stuff. Well as this is a US product it is of course meant to be that way.

    What I want to emphasize here is... can we create a same kind of online tutorial here in IGT with HINDI SONGS

    I am 27 now. I picked the guitar failry late. There are too many people out there who are starting early but they do not have access to music teachers. So I guess this would be helpful to all.

    Also, please do let me know if there are any books available in Indian Market which teache guitar with hindi songs. If that is avaibale then we may not proceed in this venture.

    I do not oppose sa re ga ma or C D E F... A comaprision between these at the start can be given. The online book will be in form of musical notations and with each exercise there should be a link which gives the melody part, a link with the accompaniement part and a link with the strumming pattern. Then one final link with all of these together i.e. the song.

    Sounds too much I know. But lets go one page a week. If we can compile even 50 pages after a year that would be a great boon to all the guitarists srating afresh. Even LINUX operating system was created as a online effort. So I don't think it is impossible.

    Mostly pros here have to do a lot of editing. And people who can play well have to record and post the same on the site. Strict timings has to be kept in mind while recording the stuff.

    If moderators can chip in, I am ready to send a Course outline as I can see from the book with me. We can take this as the course syllabus and proceed at the rate of one page a week. Pros like Baandbaja, Jayswami, Jayanth, Subhro and all others whom I don't know can help I guess.

    So is it feasible or I am still thinking in lines of UTOPIA. If LINUX can work then why can't we....

    Please feel free to laugh and curse while you read it but request you to think a bit.

    Moderators please move the thread to a suitable forum. I am new here so please don't mind.



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