Crappy Accoustic Guitar

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by GhostofHendrix, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. GhostofHendrix

    GhostofHendrix New Member

    I somehow ended up owning an acoustic guitar which is basically a piece of junk. Rosewood fretboard, crappy tuners, an unstable bridge etc. I was thinking of either improving it and re-building it somehow or selling it to someone. Selling seemed a bit immoral to me, so I will try to improve and re-build it. So, anyone here has like any tips or something?
  2. crusaderindia

    crusaderindia New Member

    Dude you can rebuild your guitar around the strings...keep the strings change everything else( if thats possible) kidding man..I too ended up in a similar situation with first acoutic guitar J&D brothers..Nothing much can be done here.Just save up enough and go in for yamaha F310.
  3. GhostofHendrix

    GhostofHendrix New Member

    ahahaha, rebuilding around the strings sounds like an interesting concept, man.
    But, seriously, i mean, i dont really need the guitar and don't wanna sell it too, cause well no one sane would buy it. So, I want to do something (anything!) to it. :p
  4. bcrich

    bcrich New Member

    Hendrix would be ashamed of himself that his ghost is you!
  5. GhostofHendrix

    GhostofHendrix New Member

    Why do you think that?
  6. Pravas

    Pravas New Member

    +1 f310....
  7. flood

    flood New Member

    i had a guitar just like that, bought it for 20 german marks back in the day (about INR 400). was essentially a piece of junk, beyond repair. one day, both a friend and i were super-pissed off for a bunch of reasons, so the two of us took the guitar outside the hostel and took turns pretending we were pete townshend....

    so you could explore that option or just give it to somebody. maybe turn it into decoration or something (making a lamp out of it, however, is not a good idea).
  8. theghost

    theghost New Member

    dont worry everybody has at least one pos guitar like that.
  9. harmonizer

    harmonizer The Son of the Moon

    bwahahahahaha :):):):):)
  10. GhostofHendrix

    GhostofHendrix New Member

    Even i was thinking about something like that. I also thought of like painting it black and white or something. I mean, its not my primary guitar, so I dont have anything to worry about if it gets harmed and all.
  11. rktpro

    rktpro New Member

    Why waste money repairing a piece of junk. Save up for Yamaha.
    You can still practice on it. You can practice lead on any guitar, I bet. Build speed like Hendrix and make him feel like his after life isn't wasted.
  12. bcrich

    bcrich New Member

    What is your primary guitar? Fender Hendrix Sig?
  13. pankajsoni90

    pankajsoni90 New Member


    i'm veyr happy to join this.
  14. GhostofHendrix

    GhostofHendrix New Member

    No. I have a Greg Benett Av-3 and a Squier bullet strat. And its just a name i though of as my username. Get over it for ****'s sake. It's not like you build BC Rich guitars or something.
  15. bcrich

    bcrich New Member

    Ok ok I'm sorry for that Hendrix stuff... You should probably buy a new one, and that crappy acoustic you own, make something out of it as flood said or just probably leave it unused. If you buy a new one, what's your budget?
  16. varunmm4

    varunmm4 New Member

    Dude! I have a crappy Givson semi-acoustic! Let's make it a doubleneck! Twice as bad!

    ... and THEN we can paint it black and white and make a lamp out of it! :)
  17. bcrich

    bcrich New Member


    Add mine too! Triple-Neck!!

    Thrice as bad!

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